Big Bang's Seungri faints with a high fever of 40 degrees

Source: OSEN via Naver

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2389, -264]  The question is: can we believe YG....

2. [+2044, -335]  Whether it's a high fever or not... the fact of the matter is he caused an accident.

3. [+1810, -231]  They're doing all sorts of things, huh...... didn't they say that he already rested in the hospital

4. [+1631, -211] Oh? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  But can we really believe what they say... ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+1200, -124]  YG is so disgraceful.  They control the 'public opinion' with their own words.

6. [+309, -29]  'Suffered an accident'... Don't you mean 'caused the accident'

7. [+278, -37]  That's a relief.  The AG ceremony almost got ruined.

8. [+267, -36]  Is YG really a company?  They're a bunch of criminals.

9. [+252, -24]  Don't write him as the 'victim', Seungri has recovered -.-  But he's not the victim.  Reckless driving is very dangerous.  To yourself and to others around you. 

10. [+157, -14]  I don't want to be writing a comment like this to a person who's not in good condition but... please don't say that he's the victim... you're only making his image worse.


[1] Heol... what's happening to him these days... 

[2] Seungri-ya... please don't hurt yourself

[3] I hope he recovers soon

[4] Seunghyun-ah, hurry up and get better, please.

[5] I'm relieved that YG takes care of his artists' health first though.

[6] Your health is the most important thing.  It's too much to make him go to so many schedules.

[7] Heol... maknae, please get better.



kimbab said...

At least instiz netizens are more humane...

Truc Phan said...

I hope he gets better soon :c

macy_12 said...

right? of all things to point out, they point out whether YG lied or not. it baffles me how people think they know the truth & more then YG…. i can't. whether YG "lies" or not, we wont know. i can't w/people & their conspiracy theories.

ykrunkg said...

2. [+2044, -335] Whether it's a high fever or not... the fact of the matter is he

caused an accident.

6. [+309, -29] 'Suffered an accident'... Don't you mean 'caused the accident'

He caused an accident. That's a fact. He suffered from the accident. That's a fact.

I hope he gets better and the other party as well.

Cielty said...

What if he's actually sick? Netizens can be so cruel.

Please get well soon, Seungri.

gzbitch said...

What pisses me off are some fans who are more worried about Big Bang's comeback rather than Seungri. Smh.

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