Big Bang's Seungri and YG Employee 'A' also file a lawsuit against reporter 'K'

  • Big Bang's Seungri files a 50 million won lawsuit against Reporter 'K' for slander and defamation.  YG Employee 'A' also files a similar case for 30 million won against 'K'.
  • Seungri's side states that while the police had already made a conclusion that it was speeding, Reporter K continuously aroused suspicion of drunk-driving through news articles and his own SNS.  

Article: [Exclusive] Big Bang Seungri and YG employee sue tabloid journalist for damages
Source: NewsIs via Naver

1. [+230, -33]  Good job.  With this opportunity, take out all of the trash reporters while you're at it.  Losers~ cowards~

2. [+217, -30]  Kim Yong Ho seriously deserves to be punished.  Kim Yong Ho treats YG like shit geez even though YG is shitty at timesㅠ

3. [+197, -17]  Kim Yong Ho you're cornered~~ ㅋㅋㅋ See~ why'd you go and piss them off?

4. [+185, -12]  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Kim YH.  I've been wondering if he was ever going to get punished and now he's caught.

5. [+149, -12]  Kim Yong Ho got caught

6. [+75, -3]  He writes trashy articles using phrases like "smell of drugs coming from YG again" in the title and the content isn't based on facts but from word of mouth and rumours... Sports World who gives a salary to that kind of "journalist" makes them a bunch of trash themselves

7. [+80, -8]  To be honest there's no solution to Kim Yong Ho..

8. [+69, -4]  It's a waste to even call Kim Yong Ho a "journalist".  His malicious intent surpasses antis that leave negative comments

9. [+63, -3]  Good job Seungri.  Other people should ride this opportunity and sue him too... it wasn't just one or two people that he victimized



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