PSY To Start Filming MV For His New Song 'Daddy' This Week

Source: Naver


1. [+676, -29]  The pressure must be intense...

2. [+502, -32]  Let's at least achieve half of what Gangnam Style has!

3. [+377, -37]  I'm looking forward to PSY's new song~~!!!

4. [+375, -45]  Let's try to have a Korean artist as #1 on the Billboard charts!  PSY, hwaiting!

5. [+349, -34]  Sweep us off our feet one more time!  Daddy hwaiting!

6. [+42, -4]  He announces songs and does promotions?  What is he always filming for... Instead of releasing songs just to show off on Youtube, at least produce higher quality songs and release an album.

7. [+39, -5]  Don't forget about your Korean fans while going for the American style.  I hope you continue to promote here like you have in the past.

8. [+39, -6]  I really liked his songs like 'Champion'.  But now, he only has songs that have no actual content.

9. [+34, -3]  He must be under so much pressure

10. [+33, -5]  Tired of him, just how many times is he going to "comeback" in the span of a year??


Elizabeth said...

Kinda have a feeling that this song will be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from Gangnam Style Gentleman & Hangover.
Looking forward to it!!

Lollipop said...

He sure has a lot of attention and views but what about his sales ?

TY said...

I hope the song has the Korean feel to it. The reason why Gangnam Style was a big hit because it's different.

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