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What is YGPress?
YGPress is a platform I created to post Korean fans’ reactions and comments on posts related to YG Entertainment and its artists.
While there are other sites that post Korean netizens’ reactions, I wanted to make an extension that focused mainly on artists from YG.  There are a lot of interesting posts and articles that don’t get translated and this site allows me to share those with other YG fans.

Where do I get my sources?  What’s the difference?
My sources will mostly come from: Pann, Instiz, Naver, and Nate unless otherwise credited. 
As sources vary, reactions will vary as well.  Generally, more fans gather on sites such as Pann and Instiz so the comments will either be very biased towards their fandom or extremely negative especially when they instigate “witch hunts”.
Witch hunt is a term used in Korea which is similar to the Western term, ‘cyber-bullying’.  It’s a pack mentality that drives cyber assaults or web sabotage especially on platforms such as Pann.  
Instiz is a little bit more friendly and most of the content that I will be translating from here will more than likely be positive.  Another thing about Instiz is that they don't have a comment rating so posts from here will not have upvotes or downvotes.
Basically, Pann and Instiz are a lot more fan-based and the posts here are a lot less reliable and baseless compared to articles posted on Naver or Nate News.  However, becoming a trending topic on Pann or Instiz can still give an artist or a group massive exposure.

What posts do I choose to translate?
Trending or recent hot topic articles will be the first priority.  During slow days when there aren’t as many posts about YG Artists, I will go back on Pann or Instiz to search for any interesting fan-posts.  I will also take requests from readers as long as they are related to YG artists or the company itself as this is a YG-focused blog.  
I don’t make the articles which means I don’t have complete power over the amount of articles that an artist or group gets.  Depending on their current activities, some artists will undoubtedly have more posts than others.  I will always try to post as much content for each group and member but sometimes it is hard to find articles with enough substance for me to translate.  Please send me an e-mail if you want a specific post or article translated, I will always try to read and respond to them.

Important note: I will refrain from translating fan posts that have similar content to previous posts I have already translated, specifically posts that contain little to no new substance.  There are many new trending posts everyday but most of them contain almost the exact same content as something that was posted previously with similar comments as well.  Unless a post contains new or interesting information that I have not yet translated, I will refrain from translating these posts.

Will you only be posting positive articles?
Negative comments are unavoidable.  I will mostly focus on positive content but I won’t try to sugar-coat anything.  If I were to translate a top-trending news article or controversy pertaining a YG artist, I will translate the comments whether it be mostly negative or positive.  However, I will not translate posts that were obviously made just to bash YG artists.  Any content that sparks fan-wars or hate towards artists will be removed immediately.

I will usually avoid articles that have already been translated by other sites mostly because it's usually just one specific article and it's counter-productive to translate the exact same one.  In cases where I do find other articles that show a different view to a certain topic or news item, I will always try to post my own version.  

Does this represent the whole Korean population?
Absolutely not.  You’ve heard it a thousand times but the top comments do not represent everybody.  Take the content on this site with a grain of salt and please do not use it to bash other artists or groups.

Remember to:
- Take out my translations with full credit. 
- Be respectful.
- Do not start fan-wars!
~Thank you~

YGPress is not affiliated with YG Entertainment.


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