Nam Joohyuk and Lee Sungkyung receive a lot of love for 'Weightlifting Fairy'

Article: 'Weightlifting Fairy' Nam Joohyuk ♥ Lee Sung Kyung, let the love line begin seriously
Source: Xsportsnews via Naver

1. [+1015, -32]  It's such a lovely drama ^^ I'm having a lot of fun watching it so fighting

2. [+913, -31]  Do you... like Messi???

3. [+819, -40]  Nam Joohyuk and Lee Sungkyung are both acting great so of course the drama will be fun... ♡

4. [+630, -33]  This is such a fun drama!!  Hope Joonhyung and Bokjoo get along well

5. [+494, -35]  I hope she forms the love line with Nam Joohyuk

6. [+130, -5]  It's so fun but why are the ratings like thatㅜㅜ Weird..

7. [+139, -13]  The trio's "swag" is so funny and Nam Joohyuk and Lee Sungkyung are freshly bringing out their characters so it's fun to watch.  This drama is soooooo cute

8. [+113, -8]  In such a troubled world we live in these days!  I prefer this light hearted drama than the complicated ones... I like this drama that reminds you of your first love!  Lee Sungkyung's so cute and Nam Joohyuk's handsome!

9. [+110, -11]  It's 100x more fun than Legend of the Blue Sea

10. [+96, -7]  My healing drama these days!  There are no awkward characters either.  It's really fun!!  I wish a lot of people knew this!!



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