[Instiz] YG trainee Cho Miyeon spotted with Jung Jinhyung in Osaka?

Post: Female YG trainee on a date with past trainee
Source: Instiz

[1] The pictures aren't really clear enough to exactly say that it's Jinhyung

[2]  Well Yang Hyun Suk did say that he wouldn't mind that much if someone were to date within the company and anyway if they are in a relationship, what right do I have to comment on it?
     - But 2NE1, WINNER and iKON were all banned from dating... they can only date after a few years after their debut
     - I'm pretty sure in their contract it says dating within the company is banned and I heard there were trainees that were kicked out because of that.  Artists usually have a dating ban on their contracts when they start off.

[3] Are they on a vacation alone in Osaka?  Hul

[4] Jung Jinhyung isn't in YG anymore so it's not really dating within the company

[5] Hul I've also heard about trainees dropping out because they were dating... but I don't think they're dating since they're so confidently out in the open like that rather than being secretive.

[6] Okay but will the girl group's name really be Pink Punk...?

[7] Girl group members get more damage with news like this... it seems a little careless.. why'd they do that?

[8] Eh... it's not even confirmed or anything but it does look suspicious

[9] But aren't they both minors?

[10] Isn't it a little reaching to say they're dating just from a few pictures of them walking around together?

[11] Has anyone ever considered the fact that they might just be friends?

[12] I don't really see a problem here

[13]  Whether this is real or not, I'm honestly really thankful that they chose controversy-free Chanwoo out of the three...

[14] It's so sad that they don't have any privacy even when they're still trainees



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