2NE1's CL Flaunts Her Fantastic Legs

Source: OSEN via Naver


[+60, -5] CL's gorgeous.  Fighting 2NE1

[+46, -9] 2NE1 Hwaiting : Park Bom Hwaiting

[+40, -3] Reporter: Alright... whose SNS should I browse and write an article for today... Oh?  CL uploaded something on Instagram!  OK!

[+28, -6] If it's legs, Bom's is prettier.

[+22, -2] She's pretty... ㅎㅎ

[+8, 0] I think CL unnie is very slim and she seems to be getting prettier these days.  She has an aura that comes off as you look at her pictures.  I will keep supporting you.

[+17, -10] I see CL, but I don't see the fantastic legs

[+38, -32] What's with the "fantastic", we all know her figure, her legs are short, chubby, and average

[+15, -9] Where's the picture of the "fantastic legs"?  I clicked this to see it but...


kimhn5 said...


James Ball said...

I don't know how you look at those legs and thighs and see nothing special but there are none so blind as those who will not see.

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE her thick & tanned legs !!!


gzbitch said...

Are these people commenting about not seeing CL's fantastic legs blind?

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