GD Shows Support For Daesung's First Solo Concert In Japan

Source: Naver


1. [+2103, -120]  Come to Korea, you jerks, don't you feel bad for Korean VIP's

2. [+1719, -72]  How about Korea..... (sobs)

3. [+1336, -107]  Look at Jiyong's hairㅠㅠ How pretty

4. [+1292, -71]  That young man is quite hard-working... He doesn't rest, always flying from East to West 

5. [+1044, -82]  Do well at your concert~~~ ^^

6. [+742, -56]  Daesung-hyung, finish your concert well and come back~

7. [+631, -59]  The best... ^^ Good

8. [+571, -47]  I want to see you guys in Korea too♡♡♡*-*!!!!!!

9. [+573, -67]  Their heart-warming pose... This 34-year old Noona wants to see Big Bang as a whole!

10. [+488, -68]  Those people who click articles and write comments about people they don't like are so pitiful.

11. [+388, -59]  Heol, why did Daesung get so handsome... now all that's left is a Big Bang comeback


Elizabeth said...

Waiting for BigBang.....
Do you think they pull a Beyonce and just release it with no previous warning?

Aaa8897 said...

11. [+388, -59] Heol, why did Daesung get so handsome... now all that's left is a Big Bang comeback

Kayla said...


Kayla said...

Will we even get a BIGBANG comeback in 2014? Seeing as.how things are being handled, I highly doubt it especially if the old man is still believing that impossible dream of him debuting his four teams this year....

Sue said...

I hope so.

gzbitch said...

The thirst for a BIGBANG comeback is real.

Thuy Anh said...

The original article is so full of wrong informations! This is Dae's second solo concert! Not first! And it says that the tour started in July when it started in June and is almost over!

What makes is even more disappointing is that YG LIFE posted the article without even noticing anything.

soluizb said...

Yg life kinda translates. They don't change the infos, its written by someone else after all.

Thuy Anh said...

I know they translate articles. What I want to know is why the decided to post an article filled with wrong facts. And even if they don't change the info and they feel a NEED to post it, they could've mentioned the mistakes. It wasn't just one mistake. They forgot his first concert. They forgot about the entire month of June and pretty much most of July. They thought his concert started July 18. Dae's concert is pretty much ending now, there's only two dates left.

The article isn't even important or give new info. All it says is that GD went to Dae's concert. They got pretty much everything else wrong. You can't tell me that this isn't unprofessional and as a Dae fan, its disappointing to see.

I saw the article before it was posted on YG LIFE and it didn't bug me much. It was just an article. But the fact that it got posted on YG LIFE is a shame. YG LIFE belongs to YGE. Daesung is an artist under YGE. They should be able to get correct facts and they should be able to recognize wrong info. They failed to do that this time.

soluizb said...

Put it this way. The person translating are probably interns or similar positions. Second, they can't choose contents since they don't come up with the articles themselves. It so happens the article that talks about gd visiting have wrong facts. Since this is the official website idk if it's wise for them to correct it or point it out like a fan site. It's still an article written by someone from another company. It might give complications. Is it worth it for these random articles? /just babbling

Thuy Anh said...

Sorry for the late reply. I never get any notification for this.

I'm starting to see that we're not saying anything different. I agree that whoever does these articles are some low position and they don't get to write their own. Nevertheless, they are working for YG and should at least know some fact. What they got wrong was pretty obvious.

Like I said, they should've noticed it and they should've not posted it. There are tons of articles written about BB and their activity and not everything gets posted. Like you said this was some random article, so I don't see why it had to be posted. What I got from it was that whoever posted it didn't recognize the mistakes. Because if they did, they wouldnt have posted it

Its an article written by a news source, if they get facts wrong then they don't have any rights to get upset when someone pointed out. I mean YGE has more rights to get offended than the news company.

I'm also rambling sorry lol. Short story, they should've caught the mistakes and they shouldve chose a different article to post. They made a mistake.

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