Goo Hye Sun's Senior High School Picture Revealed... 'Presence of an Uljjang'

Source: Naver


1. [+7547, -93]  Now this a true uljjang.  Nowadays uljjangs are made from surgery.

2. [+5517, -82]  Ah, she's already pretty from the start.

3. [+5122, -81]  Goo Hye Sun, Nam Sang Mi, Park Han Byul, and Kim Ok Bin are all pretty.  There's no difference from now back to their uljjang days.  Kang Min Kyung was the only one that fell short to my expectation when I heard she was also an 'uljjang'... but at least she's pretty nowadays ㅋ

4. [+4484, -75]  Goo Hye Sun is 100% real.

5. [+3279, -89]  She's pretty of course... and she has talent^^

6. [+409, -26]  It should be to this level to be called "really pretty"...  All those people who said she looked "average" and like a "regular girl" before, sit down. 

7. [+383, -20]  She's so pretty now that I see her with long hair.  It's sad that she doesn't know what fits her the most...  I feel like she matches a drama like Angel Eyes best.  She's so much prettier with an innocent style.

8. [+305, -24]  Goo Hye Sun looked so much prettier than when she debuted as a celebrity!!!

9. [+273, -15]  Now this is a real natural beauty.

10. [+233, -18]  More than anything else is her skin.  It looks like she doesn't have make up on yet it's so smooth and flawless.  Very beautiful. 

11. [+205, -16]  As expected, she's on a different class...


Elizabeth said...

She is truly beautiful.
Is her drama angels eye any good?

soluizb said...

Stopped at episode 6 but that's cause the cryings started lol it's a very pretty drama with beautiful backdrops and settings

rhiaresa said...

She's so pretty<3

Ri said...

Its actually really good. I spend my life crying, its a melodrama so thats why...

Lavi said...

She is so beautiful!

caine said...

Soo good hands down ..... for me

eunhauisegye said...

It's look more like an elementary school pic for me. Baby face beauty..

Vie ♔ said...

cried for most of the episodes lol
the story is beautiful and the acting also great so if you like heartbreaking dramas I really recommend it :) *plus seungri is such a cutie there <3

Not You said...

Hye Sun too pretty for words 💜

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