Multi-talented Goo Hye Sun Produces Trailer For JIMFF

Source: Naver

Goo Hye Sun produces trailer for Jecheon International Music and Film Festival.

1. [+376, -63]  I'll always support you but right now I miss Actress Goo Hye Sun much more than Director Goo Hye Sun.  I'm a fan who wants to see you at least once or twice a year, not as a filmmaker.  Am I being too greedyㅋ I hope you succeed in all our endeavours. 

2. [+338, -55]  It's amazing to see her striving to do what she really wants to do.  Without caring whether it'll be successful or not. 

3. [+255, -55]  So pretty..........

4. [+205, -25]  I can't wait for this~  I'm always supporting you~

5. [+73, -14]  I admire Goo Hye Sun who always challenges herself in life.  

6. [+74, -17]  Amazing.  All actors should use the time for self-development.  This is something we can all learn from.  Even if it's a skill you're not born with, no one does well right from the beginning.  You must study, learn from your failures, and throw yourself into the world.  That's the path to success. 

7. [+61, -6]  Whenever I see Goo Hye Sun, I ask myself if I'm working hard enough too...  It's so great to see her working so hard all the time.


soluizb said...

It's nice that the positive comments are back

Ray Rai said...

I think she is perfect actress for Nodame cantabile korean ver...wish...

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