Nam Taehyun's B-boying

Source: Instiz


[1] That's the commercial that always plays after Dancing 9

[2] Wow... he's awesome

[3] Ah, so this is Winner...  So when is this person going to debut?  Give us an album, please

[4] His legs are really long ㅠㅠㅠㅠ but does Mino have braids?

[5] There's nothing my man can't do

[6] Ah, so it was Winner on this ad!  They're so good

[7] As expected of Taehyun.


Sierra said...

"There's nothing my man can't do" LMAO

Elizabeth said...


Hoonies2Honey said...

but he belongs MINO ;))))))))

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

as expected of Taehyun.
He does a lot of things.*clapping

TY said...

Didn't he B-boy when Team A performed in their final performance? That dance perf that Hoon made?

B-line said...


Saerhin said...

My Hubby is so perfect sigh~

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