Sandara Park: An Idol That Fits Every Hairstyle

Source: Instiz

 She's pretty no matter what hairstyle.
Seeing Dara in real life is like looking at a goddess.

Any Dara hairstyles that aren't listed?


[1] Usually people get more attractive with a certain hairstyle... but Dara does the opposite.  The hairstyle doesn't make HER look good.  She MAKES the hairstyle look good. (+60 Similar Responses)

[2] Sometimes there are some hairstyles that aren't so good though... but she's still a definite goddess.

[3] I feel like even if she went bald she'd be gorgeous.

[4] As a girl, I think she's the prettiest female idol out there.

[5] Just from the title, I already thought of Sandara.

[6] Her face shape is so pretty.

[7] I think they're purposely making her do crazy hairstyles for the fans, because if she were to have a normal, pretty, hairstyle, we would all get a heart-attack.  

[8] I honestly have to agree that she's pretty.

[9] I want to see her with front bangs.
--->  Here you go.

---> This too.

[10] YG is purposely not letting her have a normal hairstyle for the sake of the fans' hearts.

[11] Looking at it from this point of view, I'm really amazed.

[12] My favourite. Normal hair = Beauty overload

[13] What can't she rock?  

[14] I thought it was going to be Sulli but it's actually Dara noonim~

[15] But I looooooved her hair in HAPPY 

[16] She has such a beautiful, baby face.

[17] She suits a casual hairstyle the most for me.


Sierra said...

Ma guuuuuurl~
"The hairstlye doesn't make her look good, she makes the hairstyle look good"

Elizabeth said...


LOL but seriously how can you not love Sandara Park ^^
She's the absolute CUTEST & most ADORABLE <3

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

I swear majority of female idols wouldnt look good with the one side bald but she looks perfectly fine cuz she has nice features and face shape.



gzbitch said...

[7] I think they're purposely making her do crazy hairstyles for the fans, because if she were to have a normal, pretty, hairstyle, we would all get a heart-attack.

Pretty much accurate.

Elizabeth said...

My fave hairstyle!
It looked amazing whichever way she styled it !!

Ray Rai said...

godness dara!!!may be there is no idol or actress who have confident to walk here and there without makeup like her...truely godness...

Elizabeth said...

I agree.
In the Happy MV when she came out with that black simple hair she looked DIVINE, beyond gorgeous

glytd said...

Goddess dara ㅠㅠ

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

I love the second photo so much, she looks so gorgeous and pretty with black hair.

Ignis Invictus said...

I usually check her facial expression whenever I see her pictures (I especially love her different versions of dorky), I tend to forget to mind her hair. But now that there is this collection, WOW! Even on regular events, her hair really gets "dressed" a lot. Love her. I also find her the prettiest among the kpop idols.

Gdi*k said...

TBH She's the most prettiest out there elegant and everything Those so called visuals ain't got nothin' on her.

Annie said...

Nothing can ruin a face like that tbh

R.Thompson said...

I don't find her all that pretty. It's because of her nose, too big.

kaede said...

Ngwahahahaha!!! Only Darong can pull off such weird hairstyles and still look good!

trixie said...

I love dara's black hairstyle in happy. I wanna do it on my hair.hehe whats that haisrtyle called? Does anybody know? :)
Pls let me know. Tnx

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