Taeyang and Tablo To Collaborate on This Week's Inkigayo

Source: Star News via Naver

Taeyang and Tablo to collaborate on this week's Inkigayo, July 20th.


1. [+1810, -40]   Heol, heol!  I can't wait!

2. [+1345, -39]  I'm really looking forward to this... the ultimate combination!!

3. [+1207, -35]  Wow, awesome!

4. [+999, -30]  Daebak, Tablo and Taeyang♥ The two men I love the mostㅜㅜㅜ

5. [+132, -8]  Tablo's lyrics are pure art...

6. [+131, -16]  Alright I got it, now give me Tablo's single

7. [+125, -11]  Tablo made amazing music back then with Epik High but after that regrettable incident, it seems like he's been dispiritedㅠㅠ I hope he presents us with more amazing music again.  Hwaiting

8. [+114, -11]  Daebak!  I think this will be one of the best stages this year ㅠㅠㅠ And I haven't seen Tablo on stage for a while so I'm excited

9. [+115, -12]  Taeyang's original song is very good but I love Tablo's version of Eyes Nose Lips.  It has a dark, charming feeling to it ㅎㅎ I'm looking forward to this collaboration stage!

10. [+86, -5] This is their first broadcasted collaboration stage after Tablo's Radio show, right?  I was looking forward to it then.  These two have a deep approach to music and their voices really do mesh well with each other.  I think it'll be great if they would become a unit and promote an album together before Taeyang goes to the military. But of course Epik High's album should come out first ㅎㅎ

11. [+86, -7] Tablo's lyrics (shivers)  (T/N: Meaning it's so good it gives you goosebumps.)


Sierra said...


Elizabeth said...

Waiting for that ㅌxㅌ subunit to become a real thing ♡

gzbitch said...

Tablo x Taeyang = Eargasm. Can't wait.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

This subunit will be the best korean subunit of all time. Mind blown.

Princess said...

Aside from the excitement, I just want tablo to enjoy the stage. Bcz well.. he'll rap first before Taeyang sings his part.. last time he did his solo, I can see fear in his eyes. :"(
Just please enjoy the stage. Tablo hwaiting!!

TY said...

I think they became close when they recorded Tomorrow with YG's consent to make Taeyang help Tablo that time. Hahahah

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