This JYP Trainee is actually a YG Trainee?

Source: Instiz

Lee Jookyung (1997)

There was a rumor that she would debut in JYP's 6Mix
But on Tumblr, Facebook, etc. I saw that international fans said that she was actually a YG trainee.

After being in YG for 12 years, apparently she moved to JYP
But in any case, if you look at her Insta, it's definitely true that she's been in both companies since she follows/is followed by other trainees from there.


- She was in JYP but then she left again

- She's pretty... ㅠㅠ

- Is she debuting in Pink Punk?

- Heol but I always thought she was in JYP

- Wow her figure and her face is really amazing

- Seeing as how she got in both companies, her skills must be daebak

- Isn't she a JYP Trainee since Mark liked the pictures?
--> I'm pretty sure she isn't with JYP anymore.  If you look at her insta, she's preparing for a 4-membered girl group so it's definitely not with 6mix.

- So.... just which company is she with now then?!

- Her legs are pretty


iun said...

Sorry but his is Jyp press.. She ain't yg trainee and yg Jukyung might not have the same name and person so stop spreading rumor...

♠ Shimazaki Haruka ♠ said...

Jukyung is a Jype trainee and she's 17 so she couldn't be trainee for 12 years in Yg. Yg fans just got confused and start rumors, because apparently there's a Lee Jukyung (different one) who auditioned for Yg. but she isn't the same girl. This Lee Jukyung (from those pics) is a Jype trainee. and the comment saying Jukyung isn't in Jype anymore because she's preparing for a 4-members group, it's wrong too, she's still in Jype, and the group she's preparing can be a possible future group of Jype. She's been with Jype trainees lately. So she's currently still in Jype.

So this article is just full of fake rumors and wrong statements and confusion, lol.

Mèng Fēifēi said...

What's her INSTGRAM ACCOUNT please?

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