YG Trainee Chaeyoung



[+25, 0]  Baek Yerin's ugly version

[+18, 0] She must be very talented

[+15, -2] Why are YG's trainee's posts coming up so frequently

[+8, 0] They don't look a like but she's like a female Zico... a Zico feeling.

[+6, 0] I thought YG was going to make an SNSD... but they seem like Sistar

[+4, 0] A bit prettier than Baek Yerin but doesn't seem like she'll sing better than her.

[+4, -3] She looks very charming

[+3, -1] As expected... whenever someone doesn't have double eye-lids, people always talk about how "ugly" they are.  Other than her eyes, her nose has a definite round shape and it looks pretty when she smiles.  Her chin is slender and she looks charmingly pretty.

[+2, 0] Is she good at rapping?  Is she the next CL?

[+1, -1] She looks like she'd be good at singing.


TY said...

Their standard of beauty is...

Amanda Rachel said...

She is BEAUTIFUL for me. Please debut SOON Y___Y

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