YG's Princess Lee Hi

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Lee Hi who was one of the best in Kpop Star.
Now that she's in YG, she's become a princess... she fits well with YGㅋㅋ I like all of her songs

She doesn't lose in looks even when she's with other celebrities
She's really gotten prettier

I like Lee Hi's music style and voice so much

I hope she comes out with a new song soon


[+108, -6]  Lee Hi is the top out of all the Kpop Star participants combined.  Whether it be her face or her voice, everything about her has a distinct characteristic.  She sings well too.  Though she kind of has a square-shaped jaw, why is she still so pretty...  I hope she never gets cosmetic surgery!  She fits well with YG too, I just hope she comes out with a new song soon!

[+76, -5]  As expected, it looks like she takes care of herself well... she's lost weight... I'm so proud seeing her always trying to improve one by one... Celebrities really do have to take good care of themselves.

[+70, -4] I f*cking love her voice... 

[+17, 0] I went to Lee Hi's parent's restaurant and it was daebak... The monkfish was plump with meat and it was so so delicious ㅋ I can't call the Agujjim (Spicy Braised Monkfish) I've had before Agujjim after tasting theirs...  After that, whenever I see Lee Hi, I think of spicy braised monkfish ㅜㅜ The restaurant was filled with Lee Hi's pictures too... her parents must be so happy.

[+17, -1] Out of the Big 3, I think YG takes care of his artists the best.  I can see it with Lee Hi and with Akdong Musician.  If Akdong Musician went to JYP or SM, would they have been able to release an album in which they freely composed and made their own songs??  Anyways, things turned out really well for them.  Lee Hi's the best

[+16, -4] She looks like a doll, really ㅋㅋㅋ How cute!

[+14, 0] I liked Lee Hi even before she lost a lot of weight in KPOP Star.  She doesn't have a "goddess" face but she looks very distinct.  She also has her own personal poses.  + Her singing skills are wonderful.  She's just a completely talented individual. 

[+9, 0] Definitely became much prettier.  Even backwards it's Lee Hi (이하이 in Korean, you can read it backwards and it would still be the same.)

[+9, -1] The first picture... Wow Siwan is so pretty, my mouth dropped open.

[+8, -1] I've always thought Lee Hi was pretty ever since I first saw her on Kpop Star when she was still a bit chubby... is it just me?ㅋㅋ 


Sierra said...

I loved her First Love album so much...I NEED A COMEBACK FROM HER YG!!!

A said...

I absolutely love her and I still listen to her songs everyday, can't wait for her next album to come outtt

bitbig2 said...

baby hayi T.T
if you can't comeback this year..can you do some cover and posted on instagram or your youtube??please.. T.T

Elizabeth said...

She is the absolute best♡

pame said...

she is reallly beautiful, when i watched her in the program i knew that she was going to be in yg, she is so cool but in the same time cute. I just love her !!

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