Yoo In Na To Star In Upcoming tvN Drama, 'My Secret Hotel'

Source: Naver

Yoo In Na has been cast in the upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama, 'My Secret Hotel', alongside Nam Goong Min, Jin Lee Han, and Lee Young Eun.


1. [+737, -63]  I like the actor and actress line-up very very much.

2. [+643, -16] I still can't forget Nam Goong Min's amazing acting in 'Can you hear my heart'.

3. [+543, -12] I'm looking forward to Nam Goong Min's acting... I hope it does well...

4. [+477, -49] Look at the casting... My heart's fluttering just by it ㅋㅋ

(T/N: Omitting the next few comments about Nam Goong Min)

5. [+50, -14]  Why are you bringing down Yoo In Na.  She picks great projects and acts well.

6. [+32, -10] Am I the only one who likes Yoo In Na?  Her voice is like honey too.

7. [+32, -12] Yoo In Na is the lead?  I have to watch this~


YUYA said...

Omg jin lee han and yoon in na 😘

wat said...

Yes to Yoo Inna being the lead! She seldom becomes the lead. Hopefully the drama's plot is good

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

I'm going to watch this because of Yoo In Na and Jin Lee Han. Jin Lee Han was great in Empress Ki, I'm glad that he is starting to act more in drama.

eunhauisegye said...

"Her voice is like honey too."


golden said...

Yoo In Na being the lead? ah,DAEBAK!... also, Jin Lee Han? woooaahh...

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