Yoo In Na's Close Friendship with IU

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Best Friends IU & Yoo In Na~

Fans call them IUInna (아이유인나)


[+94, -11]  The two seem like soulmates.  IU always sticks by Yoo In Na wherever she goes and Yoo In Na takes care of IU well.  I think IU may have had something to do with this but In Na mentioned that one time she unintentionally said a hat was pretty and then a few days later, a gift of that hat was sent to her radio.  And sometimes she would get surprise treats and cookies as gifts.  There were a lot of events like this that happened and it's so nice to see the two together.

[+68, -12] IU-InNa

[+58, -9] It's so heart-warming to see them together.  I hope their friendship lasts forever

[+42, -2] You've succeeded in life if you've found a friend you can truly rely and trust in.

[+31, -3]  On the last concert at this little theatre, Yoo In Na unnie was sitting in the same row as me towards the right.  I think she wanted to quietly attend the concert but IU told everyone to turn and she said, "Today my forever soulmate/other half, Yoo In Na, is here."  ㅋㅋ In Na was so flustered and IU just quietly went downㅋㅋㅋㅋ And then after she sang "Every end of the day" or was it "Good day"?  I don't remember too clearly but as she sang that she kept making love arrows with her hand and kept shooting it at In Na Unnieㅋㅋㅋㅋ It was so cute and they uploaded a screenshot of their Kakao conversation onto the fancafeㅋㅋ Whenever I see these two like this, on one hand I get jealous and on the other I feel like doing some self-reflection.  Do I have a friend that I can truly call my other half, my soul mate too?

[+27, -2] Yoo In Na:  Whenever I'm having a hard time, I go to find a place like a tree that will always be there and in that place is IU.


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That's so sweet~

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Beautiful friendship.

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so cute <3

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glad to know it <3

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