BIG BANG Advances To Final Round of Billboard's Fandom Faceoff

Source: Sports Donga via Naver


1. [+886, -56]  Now that we've gotten all the way to the finals, let's make sure to take the victory.

2. [+695, -51]  Let's win this!!!!!

3. [+644, -49]  Oh.. that's incredible...

4. [+676, -87]  Our country's top idols

5. [+571, -50]  Is this what you call Big Bang's strength?  How amazing!!!!

6. [+442, -37]  I'm not a fan but how great would it be if my idols achieved that too... Make sure you win!!

7. [+425, -34]  I'm not a Big Bang fan but I'm so proud just for the fact that a Korean artist has gotten there.  That's great, I hope they win.

8. [+387, -45]  Big Bang is a wall you can't climb over. ^^

9. [+330, -28]  Oh yeah~ let's take the win!

10. [+318, -30]  When's their Korean comeback?


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Resvelvetparrot4ever said...

Is a Shame bigbang and sones had to face a competition so early , it would be great to watch them both battling te final . I'm not a fan but I think bigbang and snsd are the best male and female idol band .

Ray Rai said...

Yeah ...lets win this..vipsss

EE said...

Heres the link for the last round


TY said...

It's like Bigbang is sitting lazily on a big sofa while VIPs do the job. Lol

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