G-Dragon and Pharrell Take a Photo Together

Source: Xsportsnews via Naver

'Always an inspiration Thank you p'


1. [+830, -31]  Pharrell Williams is so damn cool.

2. [+841, -86]  Pharrell mentioned G-Dragon on Twitter that he wanted to do a collaboration a year ago.

3. [+788, -146]  If you haters are annoyed because GD's living the life, why don't you try and get on his level ㅋㅋ

4. [+712, -87]  He's just in a different class than us....

5. [+558, -52]  Pharrell looks like a friendly neighbourhood ahjusshi.

6. [+482, -59]  I think a good song will come out if they work together.

7. [+416, -28]  GD's been a long time fan of Pharrell and they've also met each other a few times.  They're not just acquaintances.  On a message video for Korean fans, Pharrell mentioned him and said "Hi G-Dragon?".  They seem close.  GD's just a well off Pharrell fan.

8. [+426, -61]  I really have to admit that GD has great personal connections!

9. [+338, -23]  GD really seems to like Pharrell.


KpopMusicLover said...

5. [+558, -52] Pharrell looks like a friendly neighbourhood ahjusshi.


gzbitch said...

Yes. GD, get that connection.

rhiaresa said...

OTP material

Nicola said...

lol... but he actually does

like if you didn't have enough money for the soda machine, he'd spot you

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

[+558, -52] Pharrell looks like a friendly neighbourhood ahjusshi.

Lol Pharell ahjusshi..Normally we can see them calling foreign stars like 'Gaga unnie',''Obama hyung' xD
Seriously Pharell doesnt change. It's nice to see that my bias is a fan of my long time bias.

yooniehelmethair said...

Ahh when will I hear a song from these two together?

Ray Rai said...

Pharrell no 1 fangurl..ㅋㅋㅋ

macy_12 said...

lol Pharells like WAYYYY older then GD though. i think he's near his 40's? lol

wenify said...

he's in his early 40's =)

cookiesncream said...

Pharell ahjusshi. Hahaha. I imagine GD calling him Pharell hyung though.

kaede said...

[+558, -52] Pharrell looks like a friendly neighbourhood ahjusshi.


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