Happy Birthday G-Dragon

Source: Sports Joseon via Naver


1. [+833, -74] 'Year of 88, August 18, with just one glance, whatever I got, I have more fortunes than you.'  I have to give it to him for this punchline. 

2. [+525, -55]  G-Dragon born on August 18th~ Happy birthday~!

3. [+526, -65]  He was so cool during his Crooked promotions.

4. [+441, -53]  Happy birthday.  I'm your fan forever.

5. [+405, -59]  19980818♥ Happy Birthday♥.  I hope you continue to celebrate your birthday with us!!  I'm happy since you seem to be enjoying your birthday party~  have fun today! 

6. [+359, -19]  It's so much better when fans donate instead of giving him expensive gifts.  Even if the fans didn't give him any presents, GD already has everything he could possibly buy so they don't have to give him gifts...  Happy birthday!

7. [+321, -18]  It's 8:18 am on August 18th right now.

8. [+263, -31]  It's his birthday and people still come on this article just to post hate?  Just don't.  Why do you have to post such things on a day like this...



KpopMusicLover said...

Happy Birthday G-Dragon !!!! What a hardworking and talented guy, who would have thought he would become such a respected person in the music industry T___T. So Proud !!

anton said...

'Year of 88, August 18, with just one glance, whatever I got, I have more fortunes than you.'

I love that verse it's why i know his birthday lol
Happy birthday<3<3

anonymouse said...

that birthdate, he came out of the womb destined for prosperity.

rhiaresa said...

Happy Birthday GD!!<33

gzbitch said...

I heard he's in Japan right now to celebrate his birthday. And I think that's cute that he get to celebrate it with his friends and Kiko. I feel like once GD gets back from the army, he would get married. Lol. GD! Get your ass back now to Korea and have a celebration with Big Bang members! ^^

P.S. I see YG didn't make much effort about the picture, huh? Lmao

Ray Rai said...

Gd already said he wont acccept bday gift from the fan right?

Saerhin said...

88 bby 88 bby! Happy Bday Kwon Jiyong! ♡

Millie said...

at this point, everybody knew lol

Mirrusya said...

Please translate comments on GD and Kiko http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=433&aid=0000005547

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