Jinwoo's Makeup Malfunction

Source: Instiz

The makeup artist's tone-down that makes him look shades darker than his original skin tone.

Morning Bare Face:

Post: 'A YG Rookie's Extreme Tone-Down'

[1] He's like a prince from a fairy-tale.

[2] That's my man.

[3] Our Jinwoo looks better without makeup.

[4] ㅇ<-<

[5] The first picture is shocking... that's not the Jinwoo I know.

[6] His bare face is no joke, heol.

[7] I saw Jinwoo in person and he's honestly like a real life mannequin or something.

[8] Wow, look at his skin.......

[9] His eyes twinkle, twinkle.  So cute.

[10] To think he's the eldest hyung ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[11] He looks the best when he's not wearing make-up.

[12] Please don't put that kind of make-up on Jinwoo

[13] YG, stop toning them down ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ To such a pretty kid like him ㅠㅠ

[14] Why did they need to put make-up?

[15] Our baby, his skin is so milky-white ㅠㅠ


gzbitch said...

[2] That's my man.

No. Please step aside. That's MY man.

Pyono said...

Actually, that's MY man

rhiaresa said...

He's so cute ❤❤❤

hannaxxy said...

Guys, please. Jinwoo's my man.

i'm a guest said...

but, he's my boo 😍😍

macy_12 said...

Yeah get in line, we're married, y'all going to have to wait until we divorce ladies. sorry.

Exactlly said...

He looks better dark

LoveTabi said...

so handsome ;;;;;
ughughugh winner is seriously ruining my life all the members are just so handsome and talented ;;;;;;

Theresa Pham said...

On the first picture I thought he had a monobrow xD

Snowyywolf said...

In the first picture, I thought he had a monobrow xD

R.Thompson said...

I've never seen someone with such black skin so clear and pretty before. While watching WINNER and he came on without Make up I was blown away. His skin is so pretty. Better than Dara's.

R.Thompson said...

It's a good thing he's a boy, if he was a girl he might've been kidnapp by now. Even go pass Suzy popularity. Wow, just wow. His dark shade makes him look bad, but milky clear makes him more dangerous. Damn.

winnercornbitches said...

[2] That's my man.


titan-kun said...

He looks the best when he's not wearing ANYTHING.

DirtyEyedGirl said...

Let's take turns ladies,
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aerin said...

damn shit, he really looks like Han.. & i stan them both lol

sheedrix said...

I show this pretty man pic to my friends... And they were like: what? He's so-so

Sierra said...

I'm just reading this line of comments and laughing lmao

idkwhat said...

He really looks like luhan to me :0

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