The Truth Behind B.I's Show Me The Money Stages

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The Truth to B.I’s Show Me The Money Stages

"First, I just got back from attending the show.  I’ve just now seen the broadcasted version and I’m so angry.
I’m disappointed in the broadcast and I’ve decided to leave a post because it feels unfair to me.
I’ll probably receive curses for this being a “fan’s shield” and some of you may say that it won’t make a difference no matter what I write.  However, I don’t think programs should be edited like this.

To start off, B.I did well and that fact is known to myself and all the audience members that attended that day. 
The audience is meant to vote not only according to their rap skills but their command of the stage as a performer, isn’t that right?
No one knows who each of the audience members cast their votes for.
Each and every vote was sincere and from an audience member who truly thought, “Yes, I enjoyed that stage.”

Since the admission was limited to people over 19 on the weekday, the so-called “deluded fangirls” you all think of was actually only a very small amount.
The majority of the audience members were from Dongduk Women’s University and male rappers from the Hip Hop industry.

However, the only stages I remember where the audience really enjoyed and jumped around for was Vasco’s, Iron’s, and B.I’s.  These three did very well.  
Vasco goes without saying, he was skilled.  Iron’s lyrics were delivered great which made the audience listen attentively and most said “Wow, he’s really good!” through whispers.
And B.I, of course, showed as much as he could on stage.
Compared to a few other rappers who gave off a feeling like they just memorized their rap and then recited that on stage, B.I’s gestures were excellent and the way he commanded the stage stood out.
(During the middle that got edited where he looked like he intruded into the audience, actually B.I mentioned before he went on stage that he would do that.)

What I find so absurd is why they edited it to highlight B.I’s mistakes.
(Yook Jidam made a lot of mistakes too but she forgot all of her lyrics and couldn’t do her whole stage.)
The rappers were given about 3~4 minute each and almost all of the rappers there made mistakes as much as B.I did.
Before, the MC, Swings, also made a mistake.  But why ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just why ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why does it look like B.I messed up his whole stage?  After his mistake, B.I actually pulled himself out of it and performed well for the rest of the 2 minutes.
The audience was pumped because he didn’t falter after making a mistake and his stage manners were really good. Again I want to say, there weren’t a lot of fangirls there, there was only a small amount, on the contrary, there were a lot of guys.
So my point is: B.I got the audience’s approval.
But the whole part where the audience enjoyed the show was edited out.  Just after his mistake, they made it look like he intruded into the audience.
If you listen well at 56:25 and 56:27, the music accompaniment stops. It’s because they cut out the part where we really enjoyed ourselves.  That all got edited out.

I don’t know if they’re editing it like this for the sake of the program’s entertainment factor. I don’t know the reasoning of the broadcasting company.  I’m leaving this post because I’m so taken aback.  I don’t understand why someone who actually did very well is getting backlash and hate for it.
Yes, you all will say “Well, what will this change?” even if I leave a post like this…  but I wish MNET would at least post an unreleased video of B.I’s performance.

1.  B.I’s parts where he did well were edited out.
2. B.I did not receive an unreasonable amount of votes.
3. Though many rappers did the same amount of mistakes as him, only B.I’s was shown and highlighted."

(T/N: Skipping the next one because it’s basically almost the same information except from a different poster/audience member.)


1. [+142, -47]  Isn’t this just written by a fan?  If B.I really did well, why did everyone say it was such “nonsense” that the results turned out that way?ㅋㅋ Even the actual judge, Tablo, totally said that the votes were absurd.ㅋㅋ  If every one of their stages were 3~4 minutes each, just the part where he made a mistake and when he shouted “Or try to make more money than our company!”, that would have been 3 minutes already.  Even if there were parts where he did do well that wasn’t shown on TV, that only must have been a few seconds.  A shield is a shield, heh. ㅋㅋ

2. [+135, -20]  Fans who do this only make Tablo and Bobby look like fools.  Bobby himself said that it didn’t make sense and Tablo also didn’t approve of the voting results.  It's total bull, the fans are making excuses and blaming the editing.  If it’s really how you say it is, then Tablo and Bobby must have only watched the TV version, huh?  Despite that, he has the company’s backup and most of the articles about him don’t even make it to the main portal.  (Whereas, Yook Jidam’s articles are all over.)  During these times, you can help B.I… by staying quiet.  You’re mistaken if you really think he’s only getting hate because he forgot the lyrics.

3. [+126, -3]  Whatever.  Anyway, why the hell did Yook Jidam get 7 votes?  Someone please explain this.

4. [+40, -2]  Why don't you try to make more money than my company

5. [+35, -48]  I also attended.  I’m not even a B.I fan, I’m just a regular girl but now that I see the broadcast, it really doesn’t make sense.  Even though he made a mistake, overall, he actually did well.  Honestly!  Though he still did well, I would say that it wasn’t good enough to be 2nd place.  Still, SMTM’s editing is really frustrating.

6. [+34, -4]  You all love blaming the editing.  Just say that you like B.I -_-  If he really performed well enough to be worthy of 2nd place, then why did the judges severely disagree with the voting results?  “Doesn’t it just seem like a popularity vote.” “Why would a kid who forgot his lyrics be second place.”  He’s getting backlash because he forgot his lyrics and even Bobby couldn’t understand why he got 2nd placeㅋㅋ If this isn’t a popularity vote, what is it, huh?

7. [+33, -2] If he really did well, would the judges’ reviews have been like that?

8. [+30, -1]  Whaaaaat bullshit.  Then did the judges listen to him through the TV?  That’s the first time I’ve seen Tablo look annoyed…



James Ball said...

So basically he did much better than the show made it seem but not good enough to get 2nd place, which is what the judges were bothered by.

It's pretty clear that there's a big problem with the editing on this show, something previous contestants and audience members have already pointed out. So we need to take what we see with a grain of salt, which sucks.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

wow mess. I really like B.I but I actually hope him to leave the show. It seems like the longer he stay in this show, the more blacklash he will get. Besides, I think he should've rest a bit and put more effort on improving his own skills bc he cant really handle pressure and M&M may start soon.

Nicola said...

this show needs to be put out of its misery or completely redone next season

contestants know it's bs, judges know it's bs, audience knows it's bs, viewers know its bs

what is even the point?

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

poor that girl. Even Bobby screentime in just one episode>>>her total screentime from ep1 till ep5.

dororo said...

What's with Toy?

Mei said...

Boycott this show and it's evil editing!!

Ignis Invictus said...

This has been going around for since the airing. People have been wondering when the audience who attended were impressed with B.I but the show showed that he failed at his stage. The only thing they showed was B.I messing up. It went totally against the accounts of the people who were there who by the way were, as the writer of Pann stated, college students or hiphop fans. He got votes because they were impressed.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

Now I just hope B.I to leave the show. The longer he stay in the show,the more blacklash he will get. There are too much pressures on this kid, he should rest a bit now and focus on upcoming M&M and improving his own skills.

Hanbin_BonBon said...

I heard the full audio from just-hanbin..and I think he messed up about 3 to 5 seconds?? The "dananana" part...the rest was pretty good. I enjoyed the beat as well. Wonder who's song he used. Fighting! Btw, hanbin is the maknae in this show ㅋㅋㅋ maknae yah~

Jany jany said...

he's the maknae? I thought Olltii and Jidam was also a 96liner

OFFTOPIC: btw I like your brumpy cat DP. It reminds me of Goo Junhwe

WIN said...

you`re right, Olltii and B.I are 96 liner ;)

hannaxxy said...

B.I just needs to leave this show... it's not doing him any good tbh

sobs said...

whatever they said BI was messed the stage, his stage look likes gangster stage, BI performance yesterday is totally my style! ><

hannaxxy said...

Olltii is a 96 liner???? omfg

Pyono said...

Bobby's stage was sick... B.I just needs to leave smh... the poor kid's just getting hate left and right cus of this show

Ignis Invictus said...

The editing looked like B.I messed up but if you actually heard the raw track, you'll realize that that was hardly the case. He forgot some lyrics but I don't understand also why it was only his mistakes that were highlighted by the show. That last episode tried to make people hate on Hanbin when it was the audience who decided who they want to vote for. The audience comprised of college students and hiphop fans who, I doubt were members of Team B fanclubs. I mean, Bobby and B.I would have split the popularity votes anyway but the audience still voted for B.I. Try figuring that one out.

Guest said...

Is there an unedited version of his perf?

WIN said...

onky audo version bcs of the evil editing Mnet didn`t upload B.I`s perf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMSyuTQkqOs

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

I also thought he looks older than B,I.

mooymooy said...

the evil editing is to make issue out of it, that will create buzz and when there's buzz u'll have public interest and then ratings w/c will end in money..lol..

Ignis Invictus said...

I just want to see him on a stage where he does not have to compete. I'm
grateful for their inclusion in the YG Fam Concerts. They can enjoy the
stage and just freely do things without the fear of getting eliminated.

Elizabeth said...

Wgen i jeard they were going to be on smtm, I never thought it would come to this.
What I mean is I thought for sure people were going to praise BI & bash Bobby.
Turns out its the other way around.
I have my theories as to why that is but id rather not say cause BI fans are too damn sensible & dont accept criticism.

Because of the show, now people are praising Bobby. I wonder how this will affect TB in general. Considering their debut is innevitable (cause lets face it YG aint letting go of them) how will this show affect BI image as "the second coming of GD", the new "rap genius of YG"... Will people still take him seriously? Or will this show distroy his image?

Ri said...

I dont really think leaving is a good solution. Besides, I dont think it was a problem to the extent he needs to leave,

Hanbin_BonBon said...

Now I can not not see Junhwe..hahahahaha yeah B.I. is one of the maknaes..

MissusTabi said...

Just fyi fans arent the only one complaining about the editing. I dont know how many times have I came across contestants defending themselves right after broadcast. Just keep in mind that whatever Bobby & Tablo said about BI might have been blown out of proportions by the PDs.

Kayla said...

Screw you Mnet , even Vasco and other contestants complained about the editing of the show . I dont understand what they're trying to do with BI . Anyways , according to ep 6 preview it seems like BI will redeem himself next week , Mnet better not pull the same shit again

WIN said...

Filming for M&M is already started in June, so we`ll see soon.

xxiinnchn said...

No matter how evil the editing is... we can't hide the fact that B.I forgotten his lyrics (AGAIN)... Hes got talent, hes totally adorable... I actually get mad when someone says stuff like "he got in bc hes got back-up" ... I know for a fact hes talented... he handles emergency situations charismatic-ally... but that wont work every time... If he will show another "oh-shit-i-forgot-my-lyrics-i-will-just-go-ahead-brag-how-rich-i-am-and-my-company-is" performance... I will probably believe that he got in bc hes got someone backing him up.

xxiinnchn said...

Olltii looks old. (sorry)

rhiaresa said...

There was no way he could've gotten 2nd place with a stage like what MNET made it out to be. No way. There's a reason why people voted for him. Actually, the way whole show is edited is shit tbh...the contestants don't even get an actual amount of screen time.

Gloria Ht00 said...

Wow, that's how it goes. I was confused when I watched the ep5. Now I totally got it. Last night, I watched SMTM3 on kshowonline and the Swings and Tablo and YDG were talking about how "evil editing" was. Now, I totally got it. Of course, B.I would be frustrated. On screen, B.I forgot the lyrics, then B.I talked about his company, and all of a sudden, B.I sprayed the water; none of this makes sense with 22 votes. I was a little disappointed tbh. Now, I totally get it. Thanks for the post. And my bias B.I Hanbinnnnnnnnn, Bobbyyyyyyyyyyy all the way. And Love to see double B and O's very pure sincere competitive spirit. :)

Sue said...

Do you have a clip from any of her screen time. I wanna see. Thanks :)

itz_justme said...

They are making sure she has absolutely no support on the show. I don't even know why they bothered to pass her through if they weren't going to show off at least some of her skills. They only 2 black people they gave screen time were the 2 that got cut the first episode. I've only seen flashes of Joy.

Not You said...

I really wanted to see Toy but only got flashes of her and we all know why. Disgusting, really.

DC said...

i jstthnk why B.I got some enemy here ? it's hurts me :(

Hạnh Chu said...

Yes, he made mistakes but they tried to attack this kid. I am not a fan of B.I though but I did see WIN. What a perfect person! I don't know that one trainee can write songs, dance, rap and lead his team so well. YG really likes him, making other persons annoyed. B.I is only a contestant in this show. His rapping skills are not good as Bobby, so what? They don't like B.I but they always want him to do things perfectly.

halftimenerd said...

what song did he sing?

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