WINNER Launching Show

Source: Dispatch via Naver

1.2859 159  Alright, we get it, we'll see when they're on music shows.

2. [+2235, -210]  I'm really looking forward to Winner.

3. [+2075, -218]  Their long legs are no joke.

4. [+2735, -937]  I think Red Velvet will fail and Winner will succeed.

5. [+1820, -166]  I hope Winner experiences a win-win from now on.

6. [+1575, -125]  Talented, neat, and handsome....

7. [+1516, -164]  I guarantee Winner will become successful.

8. [+1279, -139]  Winner who has come back as the Winner after winning!  Let's become big!

9. [+1259, -147]  They're talented singers and look at how the suits fit so well.  They're so handsome, wow...  and they can compose too.  They're going to make history.

10. [+1034, -112]  I'm anticipating Winner's album so much!!!

11. [+1007, -104]  Yeah so hurry up and debut them... I'm so so so tired of waiting...

12. [+977, -127]  I like Winner's Go Up and Just Another Boy.  I've been watching over them as a VIP and these kids are so kind.

13. [+868, -99]  Look at their long legs.  They don't have a ridiculously tall member but they all have a pretty nice height.  It looks consistent.

14. [+729, -95]  I can't wait anymore.

15. [+679, -92]  Is this what you call 'purification of the eyes'? 
(T/N: They're so handsome that looking at them "purifies/cleanses" your eyes.)


EE said...

Proud IC over here <3

gzbitch said...

My only problem is Seungyoon's mushroom hair.

rhiaresa said...

They seriously could be models

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

what is the difference of #1 and #2? Black and white version?
I have a feeling that they will line their entire album on the charts.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

No comments on Taehyun self composed 'Tonight'? That incomplete version was my jam.

Ignis Invictus said...

I'm really glad for YG Press. NB is not picking up any of the WINNER articles (well except those that have Bom comments).

A few more days, people. We'll have the newest YG maknaes lining up the charts. YG will go 4/4 this month. After 2NE1, AkMu and Taeyang, this is the album that will rock the charts.

I really love Taehyun and KSY the best in WINNER so I'm glad that there is a Taehyun solo in there. Looking forward to their 3 MVs. Damn, that's a lot of money spent right there. YG always doing it right.

bitbig2 said...

Seunghoon's legs are no joke... o.O

mek0 said...

Right?! I believe he's the tallest in the group too.

TY said...

Purification of the eyes.


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