Winner's Nam Tae Hyun Bullying Rumours

Source: Sports World via Naver (1), Sports World via Naver (2)

Quick SummaryBoth articles accuse Taehyun of being an iljin and for bullying a fellow classmate with no proof whatsoever.  They posted baseless quotes that accuse him of hanging out with bad kids, being surrounded by iljin rumours, being a bully himself, and causing trouble. Both articles are written by the reporter, Kim Yong Ho.


1. [+1337, -350]  The reporter is Kim Yong Ho.  Done.  There's nothing else to say.  Just ignore him.

2. [+1014, -284]  Let's not let this spread.  We should report this to YG's promotion team.  We need to stop reporters from earning money for posting baseless accusations and rumours.

3. [+913, -222]  I forwarded this to YG's official e-mail.

4. [+911, -312]  He's a kid that worked so hard for his debut, stop writing articles like this!

5. [+907,  -351]  Sports World must hate YG a lot...  they posted so many accusations over Park Bom's scandal too...

6. [+296, -96]  Stop this.  This is old news that's been disproven during WIN already.  They fought because that kid had insulted Nam Taehyun's mom, that's it.  Is it a reporter's job to break the peace in a family by bringing up the past they want to forget?  Please get it together.  Do you always write such spiteful articles?

7. [+244, -58]  Kim Yong Ho's past is more suspicious.  Is YG your mortal enemy or something?  Always picking a fight with them..

8. [+238, -53]  Have a look at Kim Yong Ho's Twitter, he's always talking about burying YG.  

9. [+217, -55]  This reporter's famous for rumours...  just ignore him ^^

10. [+202, -47]  Ah, so they write rumours on articles these days too huh?  Hmm, or maybe this reporter's intellect is below...average?

11. [+183, -33]  From EXO to Winner...  This person's famous for writing up rumours.

1. [+127, -58]  Yong Ho-ya, you wanna fight?

2. [+91, -28]  This guy's so screwed, to be honest, girl groups have a lot of iljin pasts too ^^
-> If this exact same thing was posted about a girl group member, all of you would have talked badly about her.  Though she's not really in a girl group, but if say, Yook Ji Dam, were to have a rumour like this, people would talk so much shit about her. Yet, they're shielding this guy like there's no tomorrow.  Of course in my opinion, I see both of them the same. 

3. [+91, -35]  Why do you have to twist everything.  Can't we just get the proper truth

4. [+39, -4]  I can't shield him.  However, when they post articles like this, they should give us proof instead of showing us "quotes" from people.

5. [+33, -4]  But Yong Ho-ya.  Though I hate YG too ... I hate you even more.  You talked sh*t about Lee Seunggi before too, didn't you!!!!!!!! This f*cking, no-good bastard

6. [+35, -9] Hmm... I've heard of this before but I can't seem to trust this article because it's written by Kim Yong Ho.  He's always hated YG ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+32, -7]  All the articles by Kim Yong Ho are utter garbage.


Window said...

No proof=baseless irrelevant accusation.

Not shielding him or anything but if there's no proof then its downright defamation right there.

MissusTabi said...

OMG This is ridiculous. Am I the only one noticing a surge of negative news trying to bring YG down lately?

gzbitch said...

After reading the title, my heart stopped for a moment. But reading the comments... /cue in sigh of relief/ Let the boys promote without scandals/rumors please. No ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Guest said...

Lol YG press... Thanks for translating this and making it known to the whole international community when we were trying hard to keep it downlow.
YG family my ass. Its not even getting huge in SK... Wow.

There is absolutly no proof and the people who vehiculated this are antis mainly.
His mom admitted he fought when he was a kid but thats because he used to teased about having no dad.

Good job YG press.

James Ball said...

Can't believe this guy is still going at it. What the hell did YG do to him?

Window said...

YG is on the roll this year he be sleepin on that money so bitches cant sit still and tried to bring him done.

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