YG Family Concert

Source: Xsportsnews, TV Report, Joy News 24, TV Report (2), OSEN

Source: Xsportsnews via Naver

1. [+1482, -170]  I enjoyed your stage a lot more but of course the other family members were also good ㅎㅎ

2. [+1461, -261]  WIN's A and B are all together.♥  Bobby, I love you~

3. [+1032, -125]  It's nice to see them so happy.  The concert was amazing!

4. [+1023, -161]  YG Family, fighting! ♥

5. [+830, -107]  The one in the red shirt is so cute in the tvn ad ㅋㅋ

6. [+148, -34]  I feel like they will debut Team B soon seeing as how they take pictures with them like that and how they let them stand on stage.

7. [+130, -30]  Where are Big Bang and 2NE1...

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+532, -15]  I miss Big Bang ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

2. [+419, -18]  I thought I was in the wrong article when I first saw there weren't any comments ㅋ It's so nice to see them as five!  It's been a while.

3. [+342, -11] It seems Big Bang will come out soon ...!!!!

4. [+296, -8]  Both YG and SM Town held concerts at the same time?

5. [+285, -14]  Goosebumps ....

6. [+51, -3]  Don't phrase things like they're about to make a comeback... I'm not believing anything until I see a teaser.

Source: Joy News 24 via Naver

1. [+19,076, -3218] Goosebumps...  How shameless can she get.........

2. [+14,259, -2135]  Yes... it's the PR ambassador of the justice system..

3. [+13,907, -2295]  Amazing, she really gives me goosebumps

4. [+11,904, -2238]  Well, I didn't miss you.

5. [+7848, -1978]  I came to read the comments but did I get here too early...

6. [+7848, -1978]  Kang Yong Suk got two years but why are you let off without charges?

7. [+3217, -258]  Yang Hyun Suk seems more powerful than Lee Soo Man.  He's blocking everything. 

8. [+3027, -272]  This just isn't right, Yang Hyun Suk CEO.

9. [+2843, -258]  They're really acting as if nothing happened.  Incredible.

10. [+2639, -255]  Whatever, go get reinvestigated.. tsk, tsk.

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+653, -43]  It was nice to see Bobby and B.I on Show Me The Money.  They're really talented.  Their level is different from average idols.  I hope they promote a lot in the future but since it's YG, that probably won't happen, right?  ㅠㅠ  Please be close to Olltii though he isn't in YG ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+508, -31]  I'm counting down to the day of your debut.

3. [+445, -18]  I'm looking forward to both teams...  I saw all eleven of them at the High Touch Event and they all look so handsome in real life.

4. [+409, -20]  I've always been supporting you.  B.I, develop your skills more and then show their true worth once you debut.  I know I'll be seeing the artist I've supported on music shows one day.  I hope you guys get to do the music you want to do.

5. [+389, -17]  I love Winner too.  Please don't break up Team B and just debut them the way they are.

6. [+71, -5]  Honestly, I was really angry when I first heard that Team B was filming another reality show...  But now I just want Team B to debut soon and go on their own paths.  Not as 'Team B' but under a new name... work hard and fighting!

7. [+70, -5]  They've already been exposed so much that I feel like they already debuted ㅋㅋㅋ

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+91, -4]  I feel like I'm being healed when I watch Akdong Musician.  Fighting!

2. [+92, -6]  I feel like Chan Hyuk will outshine Park Jin Young with song royalties... he's such a genius.

3. [+78, -5]  Why are there no comments?  Take your time with preparations.  I hope the new album will become daebak, Akdong Hwaiting!

4. [+56, -3]  There's nothing more to say if it's Akdong Musician~  I'm looking forward to it already.

5. [+51, -3]  Akdong Musician's songs are always great to listen to at anytime.  You can't help but sing it.  So good.

6. [+17, -1]  Akdong is the only kids I bought an album for and actually like from YG...  I'm supporting you, cheer up!!


KpopMusicLover said...

Park Bom takes the crown, My God...The up votes >-< Sulli also got a lot of up votes but for not attending SMTown whilst Bom for Attending. I'm really hoping there will positive news about the Bom situation soon.

Meh said...

You mofos keep staying pressed. Park Bom is not even saying I miss you to y'all

gzbitch said...

Those upvotes about Bom gave me goosebumps.

deanjane said...

Knetz, stay pressed until you die because park bom will never step down because of you yo..

Park bom noona, we miss you toooooo..

mameo said...

It's not like Bom can just not attend. If the company tells her to perform/attend some event then she has to. Whether she personally wants to or not, I mean it's her job in the end as a performer and in her contracts. So either way she can't "win" in this situation imo.

Haha said...

Lol move on. They're acting like she killed someone when she's not being investigated for bringing drugs to treat her depression. Netizens should catch on to the fact that yg and bom dont give a fuck for what they have to say

macy_12 said...


Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

Now I just dont care for those pressed people.I will only continue to give strength to my bias instead of wasting my time to argue with stupid mofos. Whether Bom wanna clarify or not,I'll respect her decision. Even if the worst happen on her,I'll still give her more mentally support.

Here I wanna share my fav part of YGFAM concert.



Ignis Invictus said...

I think the people saying bad things about Park Bom attended the other concert.

rhiaresa said...

Bom takes the crown for making 18,000+ people pressed just by breathing air #BOMimpact. If they're so cold and continuously having goosebumps, put a fucking sweater on smh

YukiJames said...

It's getting so tiring. It's just hate after hate and the case gets more complicated . So many hidden things or loops. Somebody just needs to clarify. Anyway I don't know how Bom could be so shameless if she actually did something wrong... But then i don't know why YG is silent if Bom did nothing wrong. Then why don't the prosecution just regain their image by selling out whatever Bom did ? If she really did something that severe why not just tell the news and stop putting their neck on the line for her? A lot of questions to consider.

Lala said...

Whatever Park BOm you do your thing girl. Ride the wave of hate all the way to the bank.

kaede said...

[+91, -4] I feel like I'm being healed when I watch Akdong Musician. Fighting!

Ah... that's because AkMu's songs are soothing and refreshing :3

Saerhin said...


commedesfuckdown said...

What in the world TOP's doing? Whats with his legs on the air? Lmfao

Kay said...

mine http://instagram.com/p/ruMP01GZwM/
like Bobby still wants the pretty-long-hair-wannago2theparty2nite lol

sheedrix said...

Knetz keep blabbering about justice when they're so racist when it comes to another religion or nationality.

What Up We 2NE1 said...

Park Bom gettin that street cred

dyn said...

Bom getting bash bcs she was attending the concert while sulli getting bash bcs she didn't come
How more hilarious they can be
I'm tired with all of these shits knetz
You just keep peeling other skin when actually you show your own skin to public
How shameless

happy_slip said...

To be honest, the next time this issue gets clarified by yg for example I'd want it to be all about providing indisputable evidence so strong they could (and would) already file a criminal case against SI for what they did.

Otherwise I'm not here for the same PR statement YG released when this scandal broke out. I've had enough of his runny mouth and poor on the spot decision making skills tbh.

happy_slip said...

lol @ the strong sense of self-entitlement #4 has. It's not like Bom or any of them wanted you to read articles related to her lol. Continue seething in front of your PC.

btw am i the only one bothered that they're not even asking their actual law systemt why they're not even investigating this again assuming that this issue is serious as fuck?

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