[Instiz] The next generation of girl group idols

YG / Pre-debut
Miyeon, Chaeyoung, Jinny
Lalice, Jisoo, Jennie, Hana, Kim Eunbi

SM / Debut: August 2014
Seulgi, Irene, Joy, Wendy

JYP / Pre-debut

Minyoung, Jungyeon
Sana (Japanese), Nayeon

Go Seohyun, Jung Haeri, Seunghee, Yoojin, +Son

Seo Jisoo, Lee Mijoo
 Jin, Soojung, Yoo Jiae


Yoonsun, Nahyun

Source: Instiz

[1] "Just how many years will it take for YG to debut the girls"

[2] "If only YG's girl group did a survival too..."

[3] "I can't wait for Woolim's to debut."

[4] "YG, debut the girl group.  If you're not going to give us Big Bang, at least give us a girl group."

[5] "All of the companies have a certain look that they select"

[6] "Please debut all of them now!"

[7] "Everyone is just so pretty......."

[8] "Seulgi and Wendy have this aura to them."

[9] "YG's Jisoo, JYP's Jungyeon, and the last Yoonsun look really charming."

[10] "I'm not feeling the sort of western look to both Jenny and Lalice... I don't know why."

[11] "I want to see them soon"

[12] "Cube's visual is pretty good"

[13] "YG said he would debut his group but it's already been ages since he's said that..."

[14] "*Claps*"

[15] "A lot of them are going to debut now, huh"



gzbitch said...

When is the iljin squad coming out anyway? I actually wanna hear what they sound like.

liferuwinner said...

"YG, debut the girl group. If you're not going to give us Big Bang, at least give us a girl group."


Window said...

idk why i'm feeling this f(x) vibe from them...

macy_12 said...

tbh, they're all very pretty girls. hoping their as talented.
I'm hyped for YG's the most & i think a lot of people are too, according to the comments. the delay may be a blessing in disguise?
C'mon YG give the girls a variety show, show off their talents.

commedesfuckdown said...

Jisoo is very pretty

Bella said...

I don't really want the girl group tho....and I don't think YG'll debut the girl group in any time soon with IKON & just recently debuted WINNER..

Wendy HIa said...

Sorry but I love many YG groups I am a VIP, Blackjack and waiting for IKon debut.. Winner Is alright to me.. But I am not excited about the girl group cos Jennie Kim is in it.. Sorry but if Jennie is in, that group can stay in the dungeon forever to me...

I really wish Jennie would leave YG on her own or get kicked out, she is dragging the whole group down

Wendy Hia said...

I don't care and feel about the girl group too..but of Jennie is out then I'm in again

Wendy Hia said...

Me too !!

soluizb said...

Can't help but think how much did the yg gg screw up for yg to just stop the teasers and stuff suddenly.

dei said...

why? just because of unproven random rumors that got spread on the internet? tsk.

Cielty said...

I love your username. lol

Cielty said...

Witwew. There's going to be a lot of names and faces that needs to be memorized. OKAY CAN.

_Π_ said...

Heard that kim eunbi left yg is that true?

qwertyuiop said...

Rina looks a bit like Victoria to me ouo

Wendy Hia said...

She just don't give me the feels.. Well when YG initially shoved her down our throat she got a lot of hate, but Now the hate seems to have died down.. But just me still not sold on her ..

Well may be a bit off topic but I really really want chanwoo in IKon.. So if chanwoo makes it into ikon I will force myself to be sold on Jennie and the new girl group..😏

AshArkin said...

just bcoz of a stupid unproven rumor, u want her to not debut? ha. pathetic.

jennie's been in YG since 2010, she worked hard for 4 years, she deserve's to debut

liferuwinner said...

thank you!! hahaha <3

liferuwinner said...

lol ur opinion. my thirst for a new yg gg is real, i know yg wont debut them sooner because they're not his faves.. but there's no harm in wishing tho. haha

AshArkin said...

it's a just a rumor, coz she's not seen with the other girls lately since last year sept was the last time she was spotted with the girls. and also the age different between her and the girls is high, she's 22 ( korean age) and the other are 19,18,17 & the youngest is 16. intl fans think that YG picked up hanna, from kpopstar 4 to replace her since they have a similar voice, but hanna is younger. and intl fans assumed that either she left or was kicked out. nothing's sure tho

Nova_REMIX said...

We'll see them in 2015.

ykrunkg said...

Lalice is so pretty<3

Sierra said...

"If only YG's girl group did a survival too" NO NO NO DON'T YOU EVEN F*CKING SAY THAT....I'M SO DONE WITH YG'S SURVIVAL SHOWS RN!

master127 said...

so many looking-alikes ...meh

Wendy Hia said...

If the boys need to do a survival show to debut, why not the girls ?

I think it is fair the girls do a survival show too..

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