[Instiz] UNIQ's two Korean members

UNIQ, a group by YG Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment.

1994 |  180 cm | MAIN VOCAL | MAIN DANCER

Previously rumoured to be participating in Mix & Match.
Sungjoo was previously a trainee with Jinwoo but rumours spread that he left after not being seen for quite some time.  Turns out he was training in China during that time period. 

1996 | 180 cm | MAIN VOCAL

Source: Instiz

[1] "Wow.  YG's releasing male groups that are really tall now."

[2] "YG will regret sending Sungjoo away"

[3] "Sungjoo-ya.... at least you'll be debuting now..."

[4] "Both of them.... wow.... daebak."

[5] "Why did he send them to promote in China?  Their visuals and skills seem great."

[6] "I didn't think they were from YG when I saw the teasers.  I hope they promote in Korea too."

[7] "I always saw Sungjoo around with Jinwoo!  I hope everything turns out well for him."

[8] "Does YG pay attention to looks now too?  They're both so handsome..."

[9] "They look like models"

[10] "Then does that make me an international fan? ㅠㅠ Please come to Korea often."

[11] "Seungyeon looks like B1A4's Jinyoung!  Really handsome."



LoveTabi said...

I'm so hyped for them omg
im so glad Jinwoo's and Seungyoon's friend is going to debut ;;;;;
I wish them the best of luck!!!

commedesfuckdown said...

[10] "Then does that make me an international fan? ㅠㅠ Please come to Korea often."


commedesfuckdown said...

Seriously though, I think YG didn't get any sleep in years because of Bigbang's enlisting. That's why debuting everyone left and right. Well, all the best, I am just gonna wait for my Bigbang grandpas.

Kari :P said...

THESE TWO Should have been in Mix&Match they trained for years... know the members and probably fit YG style more. Nyways excited for their debut will be supporting them :)

Kari :P said...

Its kinda true. one group will never reach the height and bring in money like BIG BANG. At most I think income wise various groups is the strategy as well as collaboration projects and as for hype and popularity Team A vs Team B has worked perfectly .-.

ykrunkg said...

[8] "Does YG pay attention to looks now too? They're both so handsome..."

YG has always paid attention to looks but he once said he has "a different idea of beauty".

They're so handsome<3

mambin said...

If only they debut in Korea, I can imagine their popularity would be amazinggg. I guess YG can't really debut 3 boy groups all at once.. But its a pity for them

macy_12 said...

apparently this group wont promote under YG in Korea.

macy_12 said...

ah, these boys are really handsome & tall. Unfortunately they're not a YG group, they will promote in China first, as it seems, & SKorea later under Dragon Music?
But tbh, I'm not so sure despite the articles released. They're going to perform at YG's Fam Concert in Beijing which to me scream YG fam, but idk.

There is practically no other boy group in KPop that brings in the money, fame, popularity, appreciation, & recognition like BIGBANG does, it's delusional to think & say YG can create another BIGBANG. So i think YG debuting 2/3 boy group could mostly be that they managed to pick up so many talented boys all at once & coincidentally are all debuting around the same time. idk my 2 cents on YG debuting 2/3 boy groups.

macy_12 said...

They are, but they apparently they're not under YG when in SKorea.
But this news seems kinda off, it's a well known rumor, i know rumor, that the group is a collabo of YG & YeHua. & the boys are performing at the YGFam Beijing concert, so…… i'm just waiting for YG or someone official to confirm it. I only read it from an insider's perspective, so i hope they're a YG group.

mambin said...

yea they're under YG but will only promote in China that's why I don't really consider them as a "YG group" ~.~ i just feel like koreans would looove their visuals but too bad they arent debuting in korea :/

ykrunkg said...

Yea I don't think he has the willpower to promote so much groups now that he has WINNER AND IKON. But I don't know why they're going to be with YG for their family concert in Beijing...

Vie ♔ said...

they kinda like WINNER-M then? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
hope the best for them~ waiting for their debut song since they trained in YG I have high expectation ^^ please don't disappoint me ^^;;

Amanda Rachel said...

[7] "I always saw Sungjoo around with Jinwoo! I hope everything turns out well for him."

I want to see WINNER X UNIQ interaction at YG Family Concert in Beijing. Jinwoo, Yoon, Sungjoo >_<

Leasseable Lee said...

I think they only trained under YG! I have read in Baidu bar and Weibo that the YH company spend 16 Million Dollars for the training alone! But I'm also confused since they will be present on YG concert in Beijing, China! Time will tell us what is really the truth. I also heard that one of the korean member is fluent in Chinese/Mandarin, Filipino, and English!!

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