Minzy catches attention with her beauty on Mix and Match


Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+207, -28]  She must have gotten it done at the same place as Park Bom.... ask the SM kids where they get theirs done, I feel bad ㅠ

2. [+162, -13]  Wasn't YG boasting about not letting his kids get plastic surgery??

3. [+108, -16]  She looks like a completely different person

4. [+106, -20]  2NE1 isn't a group that succeeded because of their looks.......... Gong Minzy has her own individuality and charisma to her... I liked her because she had this aura when she danced... but that aura to her.... just disappeared now...  I don't know whether this is an upgrade to her beauty because without individuality... an artist is done for...

5. [+73, -10]  If I was seeing her face for the first time, it'd be fine but since I'm already used to how she looked like before...

6. [+60, -17]  You really can't please people.  Some time ago they were hating on her for being ugly and now they're saying "where has her cute face gone"?  ㅋㅋㅋ



Maha said...

6. [+60, -17] You really can't please people. Some time ago they were hating on her for being ugly and now they're saying "where has her cute face gone"? ㅋㅋㅋ

Doomed if you do, doomed if you don't .

Cap said...

She only got her nose done but she still looks the same

212121 said...

Knetz seriously aren't gonna stop...and
1. [+207, -28] She must have gotten it done at the same place as Park Bom.... ask the SM kids where they get theirs done, I feel bad ㅠ

this netizen's mouth is seriously >:( I wish Minzy's and Bommie's dogs will just bite her lol

victorRRRR said...

She looks the same lol

ekhiulemch ●﹏● said...

if ever i`ll show my High School photos to those knetz` and seeing me now they might also say/think that i undergo Plastic Surgery~ lol
minzy is just/kinda late bloomer...& heol! she still looks the same..please consult your ophthalmologist. -_-*

Anana said...

I loved the minzy before, and i love her now, as long as she is happy.
I can see it in her eyes and how she handles herself that her confidence has boasted up to another level, she was so shy and you can tell she was anxious of her look (i mena CL never seemed that concerned, however Minzy WAS), but now she is out there, it's a matter of time until she is as popular as the others.

Meh said...

Wtf she only has her nose done stop acting like she changed her whole face. Bunch of assholes

Blueyy said...

I don't see a difference tbh she only got her nose done which was like a year ago... the only difference is that she just found the right make-up that suited her face! She look veryyy pretty!

soluizb said...

Are ppl comparing her baby face when she debut at 15? Or expects her to not change since 15? The latter will just be scary k

nana said...

Camera angle is really scary. If you watch the whole m&m eps and you see the camera shoot mingkki from front not from beside, she looks the same.

It just all those netizen being butthurt.

And I wonder if all those netizen who wrote and upvote the comment do plastic surgery or not. Tsk

ykrunkg said...

jeez people are so dramatic lmao...seriously, she only got like an injection on her nose how tf does that change a person smh she looks gorgeous and glowing<3

Stablizer said...

knetizens just looking for preys to pick at.. in 2NE1, thats Bom and Minzy right now..
Seriously, what facial feature change are ppl talking abt!! its baffling to me cus I dont see any difference.. Its just the nose which she admitted to like last November! Been almost a yr, ppl!

Its the hair and styling that changed, i get that but what else!
Are they mad that she's styling herself better..? i cant even... *smh*

How can they hate on her! She's literally doesnt do anything outside 2ne1..and whenever she's seen out, they bombard her with craziness as such..

unknown said...

I don't really care if minzy gets a ps or not. I started loving her for her voice and amazing dance skills, so as long as she's happy w/ herself, i'll continue to love & support her! ^^~
I love her makeup here tho! It's so on point!

P.S. F**k off knetz! -_-"

swinter101 said...

I'm sorry to say this since you already have an article on it, but is there more articles about the final episode of MIX & MATCH about how the members have grown or that focused more on the songs that they did.

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