Performances from Episode 4 of Mix & Match

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+192, -24]  It stung so much when they said it would be the last ㅠㅠㅠ My loves ㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+179, -22]  I wanted to cry when they were about to finish ㅠㅠ I really wish the original six would debut together.

3. [+160, -21]  I will never forget the original 6. ㅠㅠ

4. [+138, -20]  I'll wait for your awesome stages as IKON from now on.  Fighting.

5. [+128, -19]  It's a new beginning now.  Not the end.

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+120, -2]  Why didn't they give us unreleased videos this week!

2. [+114, -1]  I can't even believe that this stage was planned, choreographed, and arranged personally by trainees.....  They'll do very well once they debut!  I can't wait.

3. [+101, -2]  They were too amazing to be even called 'trainees'.

4. [+100, -2]  You can clearly see that they're improving.  If the new members invested that much time with them as well, I think it would make the group formation a lot better.  It's a shame that they joined so late.  You pick really good trainees, YG.

5. [+71, -2]  This just makes you worry about who you have to pick -

6. [+27, 0]  That's why I like them.  They've been trainees for how long but they never slack off and always put in the effort.  These kids, until now, are still students and they can't even hang out with their friends... they're working harder than some adults who are so much older than them.  But I love seeing them so hardworking like this ㅠㅠ  I always want to cheer you on. 

Source: FN News via Naver 

1. [+193, -7]  Just debut them as the same 6.

2. [+165, -6]  The original 6 would be the best....

3. [+159, -2]  Team B ㅠㅠㅠ Yesterday was their first and last concert (as Team B)...

4. [+147, -9]  Yeah, that's why just debut them as the original 6.  We don't need the other kids.

5. [+153, -37]  That Yang Hongseok... just kick him out.  He doesn't fit in and he doesn't seem to be working hard.

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+131, -3]  Bobby and B.I are walls you can't climb over, they must've had such a hard time while balancing SMTM...  Why is Bobby so cute~

2. [+121, -8]  I think IKON will be the original 6 + one more member.

3. [+113, -7]  They danced so well~  And it's not a dance that someone made for them to follow, it's something they created and danced themselves.  Nowadays, group dances are so different... YG's kids just have this feel to them~~ 

4. [+107, -6]  How does Bobby dance so well... he needs to be pushed into the US market.

5. [+81, -5]  Cheering for IKON.  They were great. 

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+176, -1]  Jung Jinhyeong was pushed from the spotlight this week.  Donghyuk's skills improved a lot.  I fell for Bobby's modesty once again... please debut soon ㅠㅠ Just like WINNER who you can see just by turning on the TV, I hope I can see IKON in that way soon too.

2. [+163, -2]  Of course... it's still hard to surpass Bobby...

3. [+123, 0]  Honestly, Bobby is very hard to catch up too.  He's a rapper who won SMTM and he has an overwhelming aura even in IKON.  I watched the stage and he has a certain stage manner to him that draws your eyes only to him.

4. [+82, -8]  Yang Hongseok really doesn't fit it and he doesn't practice either.  When I saw him dancing, I didn't know whether he really wants to be an idol or not.

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+142, -4]  Song Yunhyeong really improved so much since WIN even his visuals...

2. [+76, -4]  At least bring in some kids who's good enough if you want to change the team.  But at least in vocals, Yang Hongseok was pretty good.  If Jung Chanwoo debuts as a singer, I feel that he'll take the acting path anyway.  And I don't have anything to say about Jung Jinhyung...  let's just go with the same six.

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+154, -4]  Junhoe was amazing.  I was watching in awe.  So good!!

2. [+122, -3]  His falsetto ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Incredible 

3. [+112, -3]  I love Goo Junhoe's voice ㅠㅠ

4. [+102, -3]  I thought I was the only one who liked Goo Junhoe's voice even back then in WIN ㅜㅜㅜ He's so good, seriously, so crazy.  Are you sure he's younger than me?  I'll call you oppa, Junhoe-ya.

5. [+65, -2]  Then hurry up and debut them, right?  Let's go as the same 6. 



"Let's having fun" LMAO OTL said...

Thanks! <3333
And aw it's sad how they seem to not really like Hongseok that much…I might get hate for this but I honestly think that the final lineup should be: B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Junhwe, Yunhyung, Hongseok, and Jinhyung. Sorry I know Donghyuk improved greatly but his tone is a bit unflattering and sounds too similar to Jinhwan's. Chanwoo is…I don't even understand why YG keeps praising him nonstop (maybe it's like how he praised Team B so much during WIN but Team A actually won?)
But I hope in the future episodes, Hongseok especially shows everyone his full potential and gains the favor of the Korean audience (fortunately, the international audience seem to be sold for now). Other than Junhwe none of the other trainees are *that* amazing (Yunhyung is getting there sort of though). But having another amazing vocalist will really help ikon.
Jinhyung also has a really nice vocal tone but his rumors are not exactly helping him out. He's so perfect otherwise though…But I mean most people have forgotten about Baekhyun's (from EXO) underage smoking scandal and just hate on him for his relationship with Taeyeon if at all so maybe people will move on if Jinhyung wasn't an actual bully?
Anyway, sorry this was so long but it's my 2 cents ^_^

"Let's having fun" LMAO OTL said...

Just a clarification, I meant vocal-wise when I said "Other than Junhwe none of the other trainees are *that* amazing (Yunhyung is getting there sort of though)"
Of course they are all SO talented in dancing and not to mention B.I and Bobby are crazy talented in rapping and dancing and composing and more. I was just talking about singing.

gzbitch said...

2. [+121, -8] I think IKON will be the original 6 + one more member.

MTE. I don't really think YG will break the original 6. Come on now. And Junhoe... I'm rooting for him. I love his voice so much. ;_; His falsetto makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

Wendy Hia said...

I'm an international fan who isn't sold on hongseok and rooting for Chanwoo by the way

Wendy Hia said...

Forgot to add from singapore

Wendy Hia said...

Forgot to add from singgapore

Ignis Invictus said...

My line up wish is OT6 + Hongseok. It may change depending on future performances. I may find myself rooting for Jinhyeong if he starts wowing me. So far, that has not happened yet.

Ignis Invictus said...

Hi Admin. The article does not appear on the homepage of YG Press. I got here via a link. Hope it gets fixed soon. Thanks. :)

pringles said...

idk abt jinhyeong but the saying goes there's no smoke without fire... how come chanwoo and hongseok dont hv iljin rumors but he does..? idk i dont dislike him but i just dont hv a good feeling abt him... ~.~ if he really is one i dont want him in the team

macy_12 said...

I was really impressed w/Hong Seok's vocals. I think iKON would benefit A LOT w/his vocals. Jinhyeon is improving greatly but i really don't understand the constant praise for Chanwoo. he's good but compared to the other 2, he really isn't that great. He isn't the best singer or dancer of the 3 at all.
TBH, Chanwoo is a sweetie & i think YG should keep him & debut him as an actor or in a group later on w/Bang YeDam because of his young age, '98', & I'm rooting hard for Hongseok, I'm in love w/his voice.

pringles said...

ppl actually agree with this?
idk man, im rooting for yunjundong all the way

Kaila said...

I like it when there's new articles! Hahahah. Omg I pretty much agree with this. "[+121, -8] I think IKON will be the original 6 + one more member." I bet the additional member would either be Jinhyung or Hongseok. I hope it would be Hongseok though. Chanwoo sorry, please stick to acting. :-(

But seriously, I think iKON needs another rapper. No? Their vocals are getting better and better. Junhoe's voice is so awesome. Soulful. & Not saying that double B raps are bad, as a matter of fact, their rapping skills are no joke. But if there's 2 rappers, the rest would be vocals = 5 vocals? Isn't that a bit too much? Why not make like BTS though. 3 rappers & 4 vocals.

Kaila said...

Its found to be spread by Team B fans though. & he studied in Australia? Us?

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

He did smoke but the iljin(bullying+sexual assaults) rumor was made up by a OT6 fangirl in Daum Cafe. She started this because at first Jinhyeong was the most welcomed/promising trainee among the 3 newbies(the video of him practicing for musical spread and some fans said he could be a threat for YunJunDong). Hongseok has some loyal friends posting on DC to support him so she couldnt do this on him.

Wendy Hia said...

I agree ... Being an idol is a total package thing.. Including image, personality, dancing , vocals and etc..

Being extremely good in vocals doesnt mean you have an entire package..

My opinions though

V4I7P8 said...

People are too focused on choosing members in terms of their vocal talent alone. If that was the case, why would lots of kpop groups have visuals who barely can sing? In a group, each members has their own role.

The title of the show is Mix & Match. It's not a singing competition. We all know that the original Team B members match really well but who among the new ones actually fit in? Jinhyung? He's still too awkward. Hongseok? His style doesn't fit with the one the group is pursuing. Chanwoo's the closest option. Though he seems to be awkward with some of the members personally, on stage he performs really well. His vocal talent may be the weakest among the new ones but he definitely blends in the original members of the group the best.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

Honestly I dont care much about finding a vocal powerhouse for iKON bc majority of kpop groups have members who are mediocre in singing and Donghyuk isnt THAT BAD. However, I understand why fans want a better vocalist. First, they want a better iKON so they can defend for iKON if iKON is bashed and mocked for having 'cant sing' members. Second, Donghyuk sometimes sound like Jinhwan bc both of them have thinner and higher pitched voice.
That said, I still think that Donghyuk is talented and he isnt that dependent on the older trio. I used to think that he is dependent on them but in M&M he was assigned to teach/guide the newbies dancing and he has his own idea about the song choice and arrangement.

Wendy Hia said...

My personal opinion

Each of the 3 new trainees have their strengths and weakness

Chanwoo -

weakness- Not as strong vocally, dancing is average seem to be receiving hate for that. International fans are not sold on him it seems (except me )
strength - he seems to know what he wants and able to get it somehow, and he is a natural on stage and gets along well with the others. And it helps YG likes him a lot. He is a cutie.

Jinhyung -

Strength - Seems to be most rounded of the 3, better in dancing skills than Hongseok and Chanwoo, not that weak vocally but not as good compared to Hongseok, do have some swag.

Weakness - His past bullying rumours is not gonna help him, plus he doesnt seem to have a strong mindset compared to Chanwoo.

Hong seok

Strength - Strongest in vocal strength, and international fans are rooting for him.
Weakness - He is not as well rounded as Chanwoo and Jinhyung, and i think a lot of people think he is better of as a soloist.. He is not YG style.. i agree once YG says you are not YG style there isn't that much of a point hanging there anymore. It will be harder for him to build a bond with the boys it will take time. He can improve his dancing and etc over time but well i am just not sold on him somehow

To add.. Personal opinion.. I dont not agree with people who think HongSeok should be in icon because he is stronger in vocals than the other 2, being an idol in a boyband is not just about vocals, you need to have a total package including image, personality, dancing skills and vocals.. It is more important to be rounded in all these skills rather than be extremely good in vocals but lacking in others, that wont be a good fit.

Wendy Hia said...

To those who say Ikon dont need Chanwoo cos he add nothing, to me they don't need anyone else actually, whether Jinhyung, Chanwoo or Hongseok.. The 6 of them are sufficient

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

Chanwoo blends in the original members but he has no significant roles in iKON if he debuts with them. He will be known as the actor in the group,nothing else bc his performance(both singing,dancing,stage charisma) are so-so and forgettable.What's the point of adding him in the group when you already have Yunhyeong who is called as the future actor, visual of the group and also currently the 2nd best singer among original member.

ykrunkg said...

Out of the 3 performances, I thought Jinhwan's team was the best. They harmonized really well and the falsettos. Damn. I can't believe they made it last tbh. I'm happy Yunhyeong is getting recognition and I hope Donghyuk will soon too! Hongseok has the best voice out of the three so rooting for OT6+Hongseok.

Wendy Hia said...

Chanwoo is the least popular ? Says who.. I see fans on facebook quite a number support him..

qwertyuiop said...

I heard he studied in Singapore

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

that is Hongseok during his middle school. Kaila was talking about Jinhyeong.
I dont think Jinhyeong studied in Aus before, they never mention that in M&M and his profile.

Kaila said...

He studied overseas though. But idk whether its Australia or the states :)

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

Of course there'll be fans supporting him,just like the other two newbies. He cant have totally no fans,that'll be total fail.
From what I've observed, most of the topics about M&M are OT6/Jinhyeong improvements/Hongseok's vocal skill. He barely sparks discussion and fans on Onehallyu and Chinese fansites are either rooting for yunjundong or Hongseok.

V4I7P8 said...

Maybe he'll take on the innocent maknae role? Just like what I said, each member has their own role, on and off stage.

And no, Chanwoo is actually the most popular among the new ones. He's arguably more popular than Yunhyung and Donghyuk but with OT6 fans, I doubt he will outvote the two. I've also been monitoring twitter and tumblr tags and he seems to be quite popular to OT6 fans and new fans as well.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

Well, I dont buy the innocent maknae role maybe bc I never buy those innocent image build up by companies and fandom.
I doubt he is more popular than Yun and Dong. At least from Onehallyu,Korean DC OT6 and Chinese/Taiwan fansites, the gap of fanvotes btw Chanwoo and YunDong is huge and there arent a lot of discussion about Chanwoo.

Wendy Hia said...

Yes. i totally see Chanwoo taking a similar role to Sandara Park in Ikon..

Sandara is strong a strong vocal, not rapper or dancer etc, but she have the full package that an idol needs...

Anyway i may be skewed here.. I'm totally sold on Chanwoo though his vocals is not as strong..

When and if he doesnt make it... I will be sad for days

soluizb said...

Meh I can't find the similarity in donghyuk ' s voice with jinhwan ' s since win ep 1. But I did find it similar to yunhyeong 's then. Jinhwan's thinner and more unique tbh. Both of them manipulate their voices often throughout the shows so i believe they have wide ranges. I'm no donghyuk bias but I can't help it with all the kick donghyuk out just cause that dude is always practicing in the background or doesn't interrupt the hyongs like yunhyeong or junhoe. He's the most loved in team b T-T

pringles said...

his ex middleschool classmates of JinHyeong testified on many sources, especially on facebook & instiz, even stating names of victims and the homeroom teacher and the class number that JinHyeong was in, to prove that JinHyeong had indeed sexually harrassed women and the letters were authentic.
here's a link http://www.instiz.net/bbs/list.php?id=pt&no=2349245 if thhaat many people spoke up about this I don't think it's merely a rumor...

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

I didnt hear about this, the only recent thing I heard is some OT6 fans stood up and said this rumor is false.I hope I understand what are them talking about in the link you posted.

VIP_RockWithMe said...

Out of topic, no one's mentioning how fine, sculpted and delic- i mean healthy looking B.I's biceps are? Like did any of you notice or was i the only drooling while they were doing their dance performance

Stardust said...

Namtae wasn't exactly YG style either, but he made it and now I'm afraid Hongseok will be the 7th member cos unlike Namtae, he doesn't look enthusiastic .. Jinhyung looks so timid so I don't believe in his bullying rumours ..

Stardust said...

lol, the dance perf was my guilty pleasure till the eng-subs came and sailed the B.IHi's ship ..

VIP_RockWithMe said...

Girl.... It aint a guilty pleasure, y u gotta be guilt boys are finnneee


Leasseable Lee said...

Correction they didn't made those choreography! #bobbyLove

soluizb said...

I know the daum cafe poster was kicked because of this and admitted to falsifying it. But your link though. It does seem convincing

Amanda Rachel said...

3. [+113, -7] They danced so well~ And it's not a dance that someone made for them to follow, it's something they created and danced themselves. Nowadays, group dances are so different... YG's kids just have this feel to them~~

iKON indeed dance well. Thanks to BI lesson. ^_^ But I thought they were dancing to Brian Puspol choreography. Brian tweeted it. Right???

V4I7P8 said...

Chanwoo's weak in terms of singing and dancing but I'm sure he'll improve. Look at Yunhyung now.

Many have said this but Chanwoo is reminding me of Yunhyunh lots of times. They look like siblings and they're both actors-turned-singers. And based from this, he also sounds like Yunhyung, especially during his WIN days.


doll said...

Idk if there's a lot or little editting being done, but it sure can kill or make Hongseok! So far, it's killing him. He doesnt look to appealing to the public.

Wendy Hia said...

I dont care i want Chanwoo

kpeeee said...

Omg it's true that's also my wish cuz tbh ikon needs a good vocalist like hongseok even though dancing wise he's not good he should work harder than anyone. Tbh It's just my opinion guys but for me jinhwan's voice is not my cup of tea, cuz it's too nasally and annoy me as a listener especially when he sings the intro part of i want you but he is definitely talented and has a distinct voice same with junhoe while donghyuk and yunhyeong didn't have a distinct voice but still they improved day by day. I just hope things work out with ikon in the future

Riyadh Prawiryo Att said...

My prediction B.i, jihwan, bobby, yunhyeong, junhoe, chanwoo, and hongseok

Nyai said...

Namtae had 3 years to adapt, Hongseok doesn't. And winner itself has the less YG style members. I can say the 2 rappers are YG style ... sort of... but KSY, MinWoo and NamDiva are definitly not.

devilvp said...

Ot6 was a sufficient team on its own, they would not be perfect but with a group with their level of friendship and bond then they're bound to be an unbeatable group with time.
No groups start off perfect with stellar performances, even Big Bang got to where they are based on individual growth as artists and their team bond.
But since adding members seems like the only viable option then I think it has to be chosen in a way that benefits the group and doesn't affect the team dynamic. Losing any of the original members would hurt team b so much, they have put it out there countless times that no matter what they want to debut together.
Now look at Chanwoo, nice kid but adds nothing to the group. Questionable dance and singing ability, give him a few more years and debut with Bang Yedam's group.
Jinhyeong has an unfavorable past/rumors but he works the hardest and is the most well rounded.
Hongseok has quite a nice voice that can balance the group sound wise, intl fans are rooting for him the most but he averages out in other areas.
Idk, none of the trainees are stellar enough to make me think its a better option to add them.
Besides, for them, losing a chance to debut won't hurt them too much since there isn't and probably won't be a deep emotional connection with ot6 by the finale.

KunGD said...

Mine is ot6 + chanwoo xD and i swear ppl around me support him alot :) just let's not talk abt how popular the 3 new members are, before the final match, it just seems nonsense :)

dongYAWN said...

For me it is TeamB+JinHyeong= iKON
ChanWoo is a cutie but he can't
sing or dance well. If he joined iKON, he will probably ruin the iKON
vocal line. Seems like he had never sang nor danced before. If he really
wanna be a singer, he should have trained instead of acting.

Kaila said...

Omg, I just finished watching Ep 4 and I just want all 9 to debut. :'((( I don't want their hopes and dreams to shatter. All of the three teams did good, if not well imho but Jinhwan's team lacks the teamwork, maybe they'll show a better teamwork once they get used to each other!

& yes B.I team was awesome. It showed a good teamwork, every one of them gets the spotlight and I'm so proud & happy when YG himself praises Yunhyung!!! Aww baby finally get the recognition he deserves. Donghyuk, you'll get yours soon okay. You are awesome and you have improved A LOT. Don't be hard on yourself ^^ I don't have to say anything about Junhwe cause that boy is flawless. That's all.

Oh yeah, I hope Hongseok won't be too hard on himself too. & YG if you think his color/style/whatever doesn't fit YG style or is not YG style, why did you even take him?????? I'm questioning you. The remark he made was bad imo.

P/s: Idk man, I want all 9 to debut but then again I just want OT6 + Hongseok cause I like him hahaha

+ Last part where Hanbin just smiles when he saw the Alien Hayi's 'grand' entrance is so cute. He's so cute. Very. B.I + Hi! Eh~~~ Soohyun has a mad crush on Jinhwan. So funny!!!!

KunGD said...

Same here. And i believe he will be better if he has time, just like Yunhyung or donghyuk. At least he's the first one out of the 3 new who can adapt well to ikon as they debut

Judyi said...

Kim Dong Hyuk has MAD dancing skills. He learns moves the fastest and he is precise and clean cut. He's more of a SM type trainee, love the way he moves on stage his vocals have improved too. I hope he stays, whenever I see him he brightens up my day.

Yoyo! If Junhoe wants there, he would be my #1 Bias. He is seriously handsome, probably the best face there. He's good at dancing, his vocals improved twice fold and his presence is now noted. He smiles a lot when performing and he's so at ease. Wha I totally totally totally LOVE him.
Junhoe is staying.

End. He's not going anywhere. His vocals are so diffrent from the others. It's instant when you hear him and he has great emotion control.
His smirk...omg. His laugh can make me squel and his voice takes me on a trip.

The other one who can sing....I like his voice, but your no match for Team B sorry. You can't dance....like seriously that's where my boys thrive in skills. Your voice is gorgeous but you ignore beats, rhythms, and you look like your in a diffrent room singing when your standing right next to them. I found that really weird.

The other two are okay but their skills are levels below Donghyuk, it's a shame they joined late. If YG was going to choose trainees I was thinking it was going to be a real battle. All I can see is lacking trainees.

Hipployta said...

Nope...OT6 + 1...vocal ability doesn't matter when you lack stage presence and the ability to even stay on beat and match the song

Hipployta said...

OT6+1 and none of the +1 possibilities are impressing me. The lack the drive to work hard and earn it. The lack of practicing is inexcusable.

JinSeok said...


Sign our petition: https://www.change.org/p/ceo-yang-hyun-suk-of-yg-entertainment-vote-for-hongseok-and-jinhyeong

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