Tazza 2 hits a jackpot, celebrates 2 million viewers

Source: TV Report

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+6761, -876]  It might be weak to compare to the original Tazza but I think it came up to par in terms of how enjoyable the movie was.

2. [+5328, -728]  Wow... I didn't think they'd make it because of the rating but it must've been good then??

3. [+4589, -517]  Tazza 1 is an unforgettable movie.  Though Tazza 2 wasn't so bad, it's not something that I'll remember forever.

4. [+3580, -480]  Let's see what'll happen after the holiday weekend.

5. [+2813, -511]  I was so surprised at how different it was from the original..;;

6. [+785, -140]  There were a lot of people who said that it wasn't that good but actually it wasn't as bad as I'd expected.  I didn't think TOP would be this good either.  He wasn't a bad actor.  The director's style was just a little bit different and the genre is totally different from the first one.  It's something that I enjoyed watching during Chuseok.  

7. [+721, -138]  Tazza 2 was really fun.  Yeo Jin Goo did a little cameo too..

8. [+645, -121]  It was a movie worth the money ㅋㅋ I had fun watching it.  Shin Se Kyung was pretty and didn't do so bad in her acting either... it was fine for me.  I just watched it today ㅋ



Cap said...

top getting praise

Pollyana Coura said...

From netizens! I am really surprised. (And happy for him). ^^

LoveTabi said...

Can we all take a minute to thank ygpress admin? Thank you so much for all the articles and for the hard work!!!! We all know you've been extremely busy but thank you ;;;;

nhoki said...

thank you for the translation!

commedesfuckdown said...

Lol Is it so hard to say that the actors did well though? "TOP wasnt bad, Shin Se Kyung didnt do bad" its such a sad world where people dont feel like praising others efforts even when they rightfully deserve it. The movie is breaking box office records for a reason. Congratulations to TOP and everyone else! GOOD job!

macy_12 said...

TOP getting that recognition. LOL at people saying it'll flop, it's doing pretty great.

_Π_ said...

I thought they already cross 3m viewers??right??

Amanda Rachel said...

Honestly I thought this page gonna closed down or on long hiatus after it didn't have any new article pop up for past few weeks. I'm happy when I checked again that there are new articles just coming out few days ago. Thank you YG Press admin&staffs. ^_^

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