Akdong Musician holds their first concert tour "Akmu Camp"

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+6463, -64]  Akdong Musician truly seem like serious artists who have not only prepared their music but also their mindset.  I think they'll be able to show us their good sides a lot more in the future as well.

2. [+4870, -52]  I really wanted to attend their concert ㅠㅠ Akdong Musician... and even Hi Suhyun is doing well these days.  Everything's great but please give us a new single from Akdong Musician.  Haha, I wonder when Akdong Musician will make a comeback...

3. [+3857, -53]  I feel like their character will disappear if they get anything fixed.  These siblings are so adorable!! 

4. [+3537, -79]  How kind.  Cheers to Soohyun and Chanhyuk!  Wishing you both success.

5. [+3428, -56]  Keep doing music unique to yourselves~ now and in the future! ^^

6. [+304, -7]  They donated all of their prize money of 200 million won (~$200,000 USD) and didn't even think about the tax so they ended up acquiring debt... these kids have such pure hearts.

7. [+239, -2]  I attended their concert yesterday and even when some of the guests didn't perform... the 2 hours and 30 minutes felt like it passed by in an instant.  The show was really meaningful.

8. [+221, -3]  Talented and on top of that their innocent hearts..  I like how their voices are so pure and clean.

9. [+214, -5]  Akdong Musician is seriously so awesome ㅜㅜ The oppa is a genius at composing and writing lyrics while the dongsaeng is a vocal genius...  I love their music colour and all of Akdong Musician's music matches exactly to my taste!  Fighting!!!

10. [+204, -5]  Soohyun isn't so bad when she's in a unit or when she's featuring in a song with another group but her voice truly shines when she's singing as a part of Akdong Musician.  I hope these siblings will give us more amazing music.  



HyunS said...

I'm so excited for the future of these kids... congrats on your first concert tour^,^

하핳 said...


chyeah said...

So happy for them ;; they deserve it

Nova_REMIX said...

I love AKMU too, but gosh why are they demanding a comeback so soon? Why not wait until the spring?

Kpopismylife2010 said...

Their stages were so freaking beautiful. Like it was amazing! I'm sure they had a say in the design..so creative

shark said...

of course...in the interview they said they involve on every meeting for the concert planning and everything..

Hallie said...

Because YG is always late? haha

Better start demanding Big Bang comeback now to be able to see them next winter ㅠㅠ

Mr. Kanji said...

Dara...is like 31... in korean age... how?!?!??!?!?!?!?

Nova_REMIX said...

I know they'll be back next year. YG will get on GD's ass to make sure BigBang has another comeback. I'm sure.

Melissa said...


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