Akdong Musician's Lee Soo Hyun to work with Yoo Hee Yeol for TOY album

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+3499, -64]  Woaaaaaaah

2. [+3252, -53]  I cannot wait for this!!!  I'm going to hear Soohyun's voice in Toy, wow....

3. [+2474, -50]  Heol daebak!!!!!!!!!

4. [+2121, -50]  I am so excited...... I'm just so excited...

5. [+1868, -46]  Daebak!!!!!!!

6. [+213, -10]  This just means that the last member of the new unit group isn't Soohyun then.

7. [+190, -3]  Younha was amazing when she participated at 19 years old and look at how successful she is now... Soohyun is even younger ㅋㅋ  Her voice is very charming and it makes me curious as to how she'll develop throughout the years.  I'm anticipating her future since she's someone who possesses a lot of charms and can truly sing well.  

8. [+185, -5]  Lee Soohyun's voice is beautiful and so charming.  She's like a nightingale. 

9. [+141, -5]  Yoo Hee Yeol, Yoon Sang, Lee Juk, Kim Dong Ryul, etc.  They really seem like the top superior group of musicians.

10. [+129, -4]  Oh!!  Are you serious?!  This is amazing ㅠㅠ I'm so proud that there's a lot of people who can see Soohyun's talent.  I hope Soohyun learns and grows from this experience!



HappyMaknae said...

Woww I'm so happy people recognize Soohyuns talent :] She is adorable :D

Riyadh Prawiryo Att said...

Soohyun is another park bom, with charming voice and young age maybe she can reach IU's level

gzbitch said...

Soohyun makes me wonder what am I doing with my life at my age.

Ninni said...

I'm happy for her ^^
and seeing chanhyuk hangin out with other young male musician, I hope he'll have a bright(er) future as well :)

ykrunkg said...

Soohyun's really talented and charming. I'm glad people are giving her more opportunities to showcase what she got ♥♥♥

VIP_RockWithMe said...

Im so happy YG lets Soohyun do these things. It's a crime to let her rot in the dungeon #Justice4LeeHi #GiveMeASoloAfterThatSubUnit

Nicola said...

"she's like a nightingale" is the best description of soohyun's voice

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