Big Bang at #2 for largest concert audience in Japan this year

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#2 BIG BANG - 927,000 with 29 shows
#41 D-LITE (Daesung) - 169,000 with 15 shows

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+815, -87]  That's enough for Japan.  Come back to Korea ㅠㅠ

2. [+676, -129]  Wow... as expected, Big Bang is Big Bang... their class...

3. [+542, -84]  24/7 my eternal heaven!  24/7 my only heaven!

4. [+522, -75]  TOP is so attractive

5. [+467, -88]  Big Bang's the best

6. [+94, -17]  There's no problem with YG's song qualities or talent.  The problem is that they barely have any domestic promotions and only focus on overseas promotions such as in Japan or China.  It seems like you have to wait at least three years for every Big Bang or 2NE1 comeback here at home
in Korea.  It'll probably be the same for Winner and Ikon, huh?  Sigh

7. [+96, -33]  It's going to be hard to find another group like Big Bang... they're stylish and they always bring something new to the table with their music.  They're a group that had a fresh concept from the very start... To start they've got TOP, Taeyang, and GD in one team... what more do I need to explain ㅋㅋ

8. [+72, -13]  Now I'm just pissed off ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Of course it's an honour to be able to stand on a stage and bring in that amount of audience.  The first and second time it's definitely an honour... but they haven't had a Korean comeback in so long.  Now, the Korean fans waiting will only get mad when they hear about all their accomplishments there in Japan.

9. [+67, -9]  Are they really Korean artists?  They don't promote in Korea

10. [+70, -12]  As their ages are getting closer to 30, they have to start thinking about enlistment some time soon.... but before that, please promote a lot here in Korea ㅠㅠㅠ



Aced21 said...

So like........ When are they coming back?
I love that other artists are coming back and all, but Big bang has been afk for like 3 years... it's time for them to come back, don't ya think YG?

LoveTabi said...

They aren't the kings of Kpop for nothing still can't wait until they make a comeback and slay !!!

anonymouse said...

they're not exactly promoting in japan in those times anyways, jfans are just willing paying an ungodly amount to see them perform the same old stuff.

this is seriously something to be proud of, considering the other artists on the list too. and daesung did a job well done!

beachplease said...

I miss them so much.

Gdi*k said...


Moe said...

just comeback please! i dont want to stuck in fantastic baby in looooong time!! i need bigbang's new songs!

Sue said...

Dear Santa,

For this Christmas holiday I hope BIGBANG surprises us with a single. I also hope that they give us a full album and not a mini album next year. If you could also make them promote for a long time and go on variety shows too that would be great. And lastly I hope they have a legit world tour and go to all FIVE continents. It might be the last time we see BIGBANG as five for a while.😭 I hope I am not asking for too much Santa. This is all I want this holiday.

Thank you Santa,

From a desperate VIP named Sue.

muggledore said...

What I don't really understand is that Knetz keep on whinning when YG kids don't promote much in Korea, but then whenever YG releases ANYTHING, they go dig up the "scandal" of random YG artist!
iNets will gladly take them YG. We exist too :(

_Π_ said...

im hoping somebody take proper pic of yellow sea in this upcoming dome tour...they do lots of dome tour but our fandom lack pic of yellow sea..

RandomHuman said...

How many times has bigbang been using the same old songs for concerts/Japan tours? Just please give us a comeback already, it's been two years...

KunGD said...

I love that "we exist too" sentence :( n we love their talents, the fun n satisfaction they can give us, not their too-deep personal stuff

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