Big three's line up of actors


1. Yoo In Na

2. Cha Seung Won

3. Goo Hye Sun

4. Choi Ji Woo

5. Jung Hye Young

6. Lee Sung Kyung

 7. Jang Hyun Sung

8. Im Ye Jin

9. Kal So Won


1. Lee Jung Jin

2. Park Joo Hyung

3. Kim Ji Min

 4. Choi Woo Shik

5. Song Ha Yoon

6. Yoon Park

7. Min Hyo Rin

8. Jung Yoon Seon

9. Kim Tae Hoon


1. Kim Min Jong

2. Yoo Ho Jung

3. Lee Jae Ryong

4. Yoon Da Hoon

5. Hong Rok Gi

6. Go Ara

7. Lee Yeon Hee

*Excluding idols

Source: Instiz

[1] "YG's line up is strong..."

[2] "I'm amazed by YG's list of actors but SM's line up is great too"

[3] "I never knew YG had this many actors... daebak"

[4] "Go Ara made me stop scrolling... so pretty."

[5] "What about Song Jae Rim?"

[6] "YG..... daebak."

[7] "Wow... YG... they're really doing well these days.  With K-plus and the new models, their clothing brand, and their upcoming make-up line..."

[8] "I don't know anyone from JYP's except Min Hyo Rin"

[9] "YG's line up is pretty amazing but... SM's Go Ara"

[10] "I didn't know Choi Woo Shik was in JYP..."



Kpopismylife2010 said...

[7] "Wow... YG... they're really doing well these days. With K-plus and the new models, their clothing brand, and their upcoming make-up line..."
YG has really gotten their shit together this Year...They are moving up

genevieve said...

Woah im totally impressed in yg's line up.

loirichi said...

YG's just........... W O W

Hipployta said...

Wow YG's line...

HappyMaknae said...

Wow... Some of my favorite actresses are in YG and I didnt know :S

princekyung said...

Yg's line up is really impressive.... they're doing their business right what with all the things they have going on as of late

yanzz said...

[9] "YG's line up is pretty amazing but... SM's Go Ara"
Agreed! Seriously though, Go Ara is so goddess-like. Soo pretty......

Riyadh Prawiryo Att said...

Go ara and Lee sung kyung is soooo pretty

Kaila said...

I didn't know Choi Wooshik is under JYP. Wow! Go Ara is so pretttty

yoyo said...

Kang hye Jung? Tablo's wife

irkzuptang said...

I didn't know they're in YG! LOL, I like most of them.

park sakura lopez said...

Kal So Won is such a cutie<3 I loved her is Miracle in Cell No. 7...I hope YG would be more active with their actor lineup now that they took over CSW's company because they only had girls before and they weren't that active even though they were like top actresses.

park sakura lopez said...

her contract expired and she moved to CJES...YG was doing nothing with her so I'm kinda happy she moved

chyeah said...

Yg is so impressive. Im glad they are getting models into their company as well.
my most loved on this list is by far cha seungwon, sungkyung & go ara ♡♡

Ri said...

I think, Hye Jung doing mostly cable drama (when it wasn't that popular like these days) but it's still nice to know that they still in contact and close to each other. The case same with Gummy right ?

Ri said...

I saw Kim Sooro's on SM C&C last year list. It's his contract over ? T_T STEPMOTHER KIM

Astoooi said...

YG is really going all-round in entertainment business. I'm so amazed.

Astoooi said...

Kal Sowon grows up prettily. I wish to see her in movie or great drama soon. I wanna see her acting again since I love her in "Miracle in Cell no 7"

park sakura lopez said...

yup...it's good that they're still keep in contact despite moving to another agency

placeforu said...

I thought I saw Kim Haneul, Jang DongGun at some SM party.

placeforu said...

Isn't Go Ara fr SM C&C as well? if so Jang Dong Gun and Kim Haneul should be on the list too.

Guest said...

Yeahh they didn't include those other actors because Jung So-min and Yoon Soo-hee, Kim Soo-ro, Lee Jong-hyuk etc should also be on the list.

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