Hi Suhyun performs I'm Different on Inkigayo

Source: My Daily via Naver

1. [+5761, -330]  I've always felt that their charms were on opposite ends of each other but it's even more prevalent now that I see them beside each other ㅜㅜ  It's even better because they're both so talented.  I couldn't take my eyes off their stage and I was swayed from start to finish.  Both of them got so much prettier

2. [+4610, -506]  They sing so well and they're both really pretty

3. [+3844, -368]  They were such cuties ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+3502, -290]  Hi Suhyun is love..

5. [+3281, -280]  They're so pretty and they sang so well... ㅠ  Felt like my ears were being purified... wishing for your success!!

6. [+378, -36]  Bobby's part was empty ㅋㅋ he should make an appearance ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Lee Hi's voice is still ringing in my ears...

7. [+375, -40]  Singing should be about the skill.  Why are you criticizing their looks ; Soohyun is getting a lot prettier these days, so charming

8. [+365, -33]  You're perfect right now.  It's alright even if you don't lose weight.  Just focus on your singing.  Don't get work done on your face and don't ever go to the cosmetic surgery clinics even if your company unnies try to make you go there

9. [+362, -37]  After listening to people lip sync, my ears became purified when they came out with their live singing.

10. [+373, -49]  It's so nice to see kids who actually sing after seeing so many other people just mouthing their words on screen 



Yucca said...


gzbitch said...

Lee Hi was dancing. Dancing. Where did the awkward Hayi go? It seems like she's more warmed up to the stage now. She's more confident and sexy. And Soohyun... Soohyun is just a little ball of cuteness. I'm still neutral about the song though.

abunnsky said...

have you watch the MR removed? It's good ^^


shortyyy22 said...

"Don't get work done on your face and don't ever go to the cosmetic surgery clinics even if your company unnies try to make you go there"

not an article about yg w/o assholes like this -___-

Gdi*k said...

This song is growing on me. I really love the part "now listen up.." and Bobby's. Their performance was great too. Sexy vs Innocent lol.. um Anyone how is it doing on Chart?

Bei.B said...

lee hi's live singing is even better than audio ver.


park sakura lopez said...

Lee Hi really improved her stage presence<33 she's not that awkward anymore lol...Their performance was great!~~

WG_Sohee_Ikon_BI_Hanbin_BigFan said...

Suhyun shiii I am your fan girl from now. You're perfect right now. It's alright even if you don't lose weight. Just focus on your singing. Don't get work done on your face and don't ever go to the cosmetic surgery clinics even if your company unnies try to make you go there
Good Luck cute pretty girl. Your voice making me soo happy

Judyi said...

I want to suffocate Suhyun with a love hug!!! She's just so cute!!!
Lee hi is so pretty!!!
They look so happy together^^
Suhyun got more comfortable on stage as well as lee hi. They're improving so much! Ghaa I love them!

Moe said...

So, when they release the mv?

Kaila said...

Ehhh heard the audio and it was bland. Doesn't have any impact but when I watched the performance, it grew on me. Bobby please make an appearance!!

chyeah said...

Im so proud of hayi omg ;~; she seems soo confident and sexy and like...so happy with herself now ^^ she has lost some weight too and its so cute bc shes pretty and her cute chubby cheeks are still there but woaw her legs look good ^^ im so happy shes so proud of herself. As for soohyun, i agree shes sucha cutie!
Ive only heard the song a few times so im neutral too but i think ill like it i mean they are both so talented and i honestly love lee hayis live soo much like wow ㅠㅠ

murakmai84 said...

this unnie & dongsaeng approves of this subunit so much. i hope they get to collab more in the future.

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