[Instiz] Comparison of Idol Agency's Buildings

1. SM Entertainment

2. YG Entertainment

3. JYP Entertainment

4. TS Entertainment (Secret, B.A.P)

5. CUBE Entertainment (B2ST, 4Minute, G.Na...)

6. CORE Entertainment (T-ara)

7. LOEN Entertainment (IU, Sunny Hill...)

8. DSP Media (KARA, Rainbow...)

9. STARSHIP Entertainment (Sistar)

10. DREAM TEA Entertainment (Girls Day)

Source: Instiz

[1] "Woolim Entertainment also got a new building!"

[2] "One of the reasons why YG's building is standing is because of my money"

[3] "Why did you have to pick that picture of JYP's building..."

[4] "I heard YG is going to expand their building even more..."

[5] "Dream Tea.... let's earn some more money..."

[6] "From recent articles, it seems like YG's planning a building expansion."

[7] "YG and SM look really nice....."

[8] "I want to visit YG's building at least once"

[9] "I've personally seen them.. YG's building is smaller in person and SM's building is really large"

[10] "YG's design is my style"

[11] "SM has buildings in Apgujeong-dong, Cheongdamdong, and Samseongdong.  Three in total"

[12] "I like CUBE's building..."

[13] "LOEN's building is actually bigger than I expected... probably because they're also a large company."

[14] "Doesn't JYP have a new building...?" 

[15] "SM's and YG's are the best for me"

[16] "Woolim's new building is nice"

[17] "I like that CUBE has a cafe next to their building... you can eat or drink something... sight-see... and if you're lucky, you might see one of the artists. ㅋㅋ"



하핳 said...

I'm biased but YG's interior is extremely nice. I love the design so much

Arguable said...

It is all high tech have you seen the picture yg posted on his instagram of the interior it is beautiful

Guest said...

I didn't even know YG had instagram! LOL

princekyung said...

I love how detailed each room is ;;

Sad Hongseok said...

I like the structure of YG but it feels a bit old? Love the interior tho, so modern

Love the windows thing on SM's building and the inside looks clean and breezy.

I want to step into yg building for once in my life and meet jinhwan/hongseok

Mr. Kanji said...

Does Winner actually have their picture up on the wall now at the YG building T____T

This makes me emotional


hannaxxy said...

LMAO jinwoo's fucking grey hoodie
they're adorable and yes their picture is up there now apparently :)

Bored af said...

They already had :) I cant find the picture for u now but their pic is right there

treinspore said...

why no fnc?? don't they have a really nice building in gangnam?

LoveTabi said...

From A to WINNER

hannaxxy said...

Yeah it's actually really nice

수지짱 said...

Why do they even have balconies, just ruins the look to it

oreos said...

DSP Media looks like a Care Home

princekyung said...

I heard they upgraded theirs too

anne said...

the famous YG Cafeteria


anne said...

YG's going to expand their building soon coz of their growing artists.

Choco said...

I went this summer just to see the YG building (even just for the outside), but even the outside was already very nice and stood out from the other buildings in the neightbourhood ~

cigaretteplease said...

Been to the YG bldg a couple of times. It's quite impressive in a way that it's modern and unique but it's not really that massive and considering now that they're giving birth to new acts and acquiring other businesses (K-plus, then the media or advertising co etc) it's surely getting more cramped. I wonder how they're going to expand. Will they take over the adjacent buildings and renovate or purchase a new bldg in another area.

cigaretteplease said...

Btw, DSP's hq looks like a location setting for a boarding house/sharing house type of drama. Lol.

gzbitch said...

[2] "One of the reasons why YG's building is standing is because of my money"


_Π_ said...

Heard they recently buy land somwhere in near seoul..

Michelle9Jaejoong4 said...

YG legitimately looks small in real life, but the building is really cool looking. It's in a sketchy area too.

Kaila said...

SM looks like a asylum. Why all white tho hahahahah. YG is definitely the coolest as always

Haelin said...

Yup. By wasting their money on redesigning the company and not paying the artist rightfully.

soluizb said...

Give some credit to yg. He ate kimchi stew for 2 years for that building 😅

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