[Instiz] Long list of debuted idols that attended "Seungri's Academy"

"It's known as 'Seungri Academy' but the real name is 'Joy Dance - Plug In Music Academy'.  They provide dance and vocal training."

2005-2009: Gwangju
  • 2NE1's Gong Minzy
  • Big Bang's Seungri
  • KARA's Goo Hara
  • Jung Seulgi
  • Jewelry's Park Semi
2010-2011: Gwangju
  • Nine Muses' Pyo Hyemi
  • SPEED's Choi Sungmin
  • TARA's Ryu Hwayoung
  • Kang Soyeon
  • BTS J-Hope
  • B.A.P Zelo
2012: Gwangju
  • BIG STAR Jung Sunghak
  • EXID Seo Hyerin
  • Kim Sun Ah
  • Heo Nam Ho
  • SPEED Kim Yoo Hwan
2012: Mokpo, Daejeon, 
  • VIXX Han Sang Hyuk
  • C-Clown Kang Jun
2013-2014: Gwangju
  • Ladies Code' Zuny
  • 5Dolls Seunghee
  • Top Dogg Jun Hojoon
  • Top Dogg Kim Sangkyoon
  • Lee Gun Min
  • Laboum Soyeon
2013-2014: Nonhyeon, Mokpo
  • LC9 AO
  • Ji Na
  • Kim Min Kyung
  • ZEST Choi Minho
  • Jo Sojin
  • WINNER Kim Jinwoo
  • Kwon Doyeon
Trainees: YG Entertainment
  • Kim Eunbi
  • Kim Seyoon
  • Shin So Eun
  • Hwang Soojung
Trainees: Woolim Entertainment, Key East Entertainment, DSP...
  • Lee Jin
  • Jo Sungtae
  • Lee Mijoo
  • Ki Heehyun
  • Choi Woohyuk
  • Goo Bonhyuk
  • Kang Seoyeon
  • Kang Minkyung

Source: Instiz

[1] "Daebak....... Seungri, you're amazing"

[2] "I never knew there were so many that attended"

[3] "So many people attended the one in Gwangju"

[4] "So if I also attend this academy then...?"

[5] "No one in SM...?"

[6] "Heol... wish there was one in Busan too..."

[7] "I wonder why there's no one from SM"

[8] "So basically you have to attend the one in Gwangju!"

[9] "I'm going to move to Gwangju"

[10] "The one in Gwangju is great and all but it's expensive.  I think it cost about 500,000 won (~$500 USD) when I attended that academy.  I stopped attending though... but they do teach very well."

[11] "There must be a lot of talented people in Gwangju..."

[12] "But there's not that many people who are actually that famous..."

[13] "That's really amazing of Seungri...... the academy is expanding even more now"

[14] "Wow.... daebak... I knew this post would be about this academy."

[15] "I'm really curious about their way of teaching."



princekyung said...


Jinwoo and Seungri;;;;;;;;

din0ma said...

SEUNGRI thanks for this precious ANGEL <3<3<3





princekyung said...

JINWOO KNOWS HE'S CUTE AND HE'S WORKIN' IT. How is he the eldest?!

Mr. Kanji said...




Gwangju babies. This academy's teaching something right. ;)

Sad Hongseok said...


수지짱 said...

Goo Hara & Minzy.... omg

din0ma said...

Seungri believed in Jinwoo/ teamA-> WINNER since win days, I love u <3

♛ ♛ YounGrace ♛ ♛ said...

seungri jjang!!! Seungri is doing very well with his business ventures.

titan-kun said...

Thanks to him we got this precious being

titan-kun said...

Ugh so cute

abunnsky said...

Seungri I love you


din0ma said...

OMG this gif <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 winnerbond it's real
kimnam too

Riyadh Prawiryo Att said...

Kim Seyoon
Shin So Eun
Hwang Soojung

Who are they???

zeyzeyzey said...

Aww seungri..

ygfangirl said...

So wait, does he own the academy? Or is it called Seungri's academy because he went there?

hannaxxy said...

I don't think Seungri owns the academy.. He attended it too and then he helped expand it ^^ I think that's how it got known as "seungri's academy"..

Judyi said...

Seungri started donating money when he had just debuted from Big Bang. His connections is what gets joys academy the best teachers, th best sound systems, materials, ect. He co-owns the academy now, but he also owns 2 other places in korea as well as a place in Hong Kong I think.
It's called Seungris academy not just because he went there but because he does own shares too.
Also because his name means Victory and that academy has become quite "victorious" in placing kids on the path to their dreams.

Judyi said...

No he does own shares

fangirlimnida said...

I only knew of Seungri, Minzy and J-Hope. But heol, Kang Jun, Zelo, Jinwoo, Sungmin and Hyuk as well?

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