YG releases Soohyun's teaser photo for Hi Suhyun

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+110, -4]  Not everyone looks prettier by making their eyes appear bigger.  It would be better if they edited the pictures by highlighting Soohyun's own charms instead.  Her biggest charm is her half-moon eyes when she smiles... but did they photoshop her eyes like that on purpose...?

2. [+71, -3]  I really love her music style when she sings

3. [+68, -14]  She's really cute in her Clean & Clear commercial.  These kids have their own charm

4. [+57, -13]  Her expression is so cute.... adorable...

5. [+13, -3]  I'm even more excited because of Bobby's feauturing 

6. [+11, -3]  This picture definitely describes Lee Soohyun's aura.  I really like her and she's getting prettier and prettier by the day~  Can't wait for them to release an album

7. [+8, -2]  Lee Soo & Hayi, this ahjusshi adores you 



soluizb said...

Lol half moon eyes? You mean half crescent moon eyes lol ahh she's so cute

VIP_RockWithMe said...

Netizen no. 1 please take a seat

This is teaser for their upcoming 'music' not a beauty photoshoot. So what if she decided to look a little different, ummm the song title is 'Im Different'.

Judge them by the music they release, Soohyun is 14 and Lee Hi is what 17-18? Cant believe they have to go through being judged for their looks when their passion and image is clearly built on music.

park sakura lopez said...

qt Soohyun ♥♥♥

chyeah said...

Yeah hayi just turned 18
they are still growing little babies ♡
idrc what anyone says. They are adorable and talented. What more do they want lol.

X2NE1x said...

Korean in general is just to into looks. Look at SNSD, their popular by looks only, heck only half of them can sing & dance at the same time.


caine said...

but it doesnt look like shes hating. shes ust trying to tell that suhyun charm is her eye smile so its bertter if she uses that eyes on her teaser pic. i think its just merely a suggestion.

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