Epik High reveals they used to get paid $1 USD per person for each performance

"Tukutz revealed, 'We performed at clubs.  There was one club that we performed at twice a week for a month.  At the end of the month, the owner handed us our pay.  The envelope contained 30,000 won (~$27 USD).  Oh Man Suk exclaimed, 'That's only about 1100 won (~$1 USD) per member for each performance!'  Tablo replied, 'We were angry for a bit, but we were so hungry that we just took the money and went to grab a bite to eat...'"

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+805, -28]  Epik High went through a lot of difficulties during their unknown days..... but it's such a nice sight to see them successful and on top now.

2. [+630, -20]  It's because of that time period that they're able to create better music.  Thank you Epik High~

3. [+472, -18]  How difficult it must've been to overcome those times and to get to where they are now... Fighting Epik High!

4. [+430, -18]  Just like in Dok2's lyrics, life's not easy, you either go for all or nothing.

5. [+270, -16]  This is probably one of the better deals out of other groups during that time ㅜ There was a member from CB Mass who didn't even receive his pay ㅜ

6. [+61, -9]  A lot of people might now know... but Tablo could have lived comfortably by giving private English lessons because he has qualifications from studying overseas.  You have to at least admit it.  He worked hard to achieve his dream

7. [+46, -8]  And now aren't they legends in the hip hop world ㅎㅎ

8. [+41, -8]  It's because of those times that they're successful now!!  Please keep letting us listen to good music ㅎ



KpopMusicLover said...

They worked hard and deserve every blessing :-). But to think there's still groups that struggle sigh. Choosing a singing as a profession is not easy, you gotta be prepared to fight

Meh said...

Ho fuck that's so less but they are better now. I thank YG for giving Epik High 2nd chances to make Epic music

charendbsk said...

there is no rainbow without rain <3

ladyperona said...

EH and YG saves each other's life.

Lumiere said...

we were so hungry
that hit me hard

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