[Instiz] Fans shoot down false speculations of Bobby's diss and BTS Rap Monster's reaction

Bobby's lyrics from "Come Here" recently sparked speculations of a diss towards Bangtan Boys Rap Monster + others and became a hot discussion in Korean forums.  
Pann: Bobby used to dissing (Source)
Bestiz: Rap Monster's recent tweet, is it a response to Bobby? (Source)
Pann: Rap Monster's reply towards Bobby's diss? (Source)
With misunderstandings rising, fans were quick to shoot down speculations.

1. Speculated diss lyrics from Bobby towards BTS Rap Monster

<COME HERE - Masta Wu, Dok2, Bobby>
"(...) I live the fast life, don't need to be a pretty boy
They call me a monster, I've never called myself that
You all are completely made of glass, much better than the basement dungeon
If skills equal to looks, I'm Won Bin in front of a bulletproof glass
If I make a hit, I rake up all the work of the tone-deaf rappers
With nothing to do, you just pick at your teeth
Don't acknowledge me as your junior, stop acting like we're close
If you don't like me, chip away at my attitude with your skill (...)"

(*) Speculated diss towards BTS Rap Monster came from the double context of the lyrics containing: monster, bangtan yoori (bulletproof glass), bangtang, etc.

[!] Bobby never mentioned specifically that it was a diss towards Rap Monster.  It shouldn't be hastily concluded as a diss since only Bobby personally knows the meaning behind the lyrics he wrote. 

2. The tweet Rap Monster posted right after

"Great listening to this after a while ㅋㅋ
Verbal Jint - Do What I Do"

(*) Speculated reply diss towards Bobby? 

[!] Rap Monster has always posted tweets to share good music for a while now.  He first started recommending songs since July 2013 and he's shared about 200 songs since then.  There's no reason to see this as a "reply diss".  He's just doing what he usually does.  It's just caused a misunderstanding because of bad timing.

[A list of their recommended songs]

"(T/N: OP posted this at the end of her post.
It means "A pear drops when a crow flies from the tree or the strangest coincidence that arouses other's suspicion"
It's just a coincidence that the two events happened at the same time...)"

Source: Instiz

[1] "Both of them aren't even doing anything and the fans themselves are just creating assumptions..."

[2] "Bobby's doesn't even sound like a diss"

[3] "I can't even tell what the diss is supposed to be from those lyrics... isn't the bulletproof glass thing referencing to Won Bin's movie Ahjussi?  And isn't "monster" just supposed to literally mean monster?  They're just words that have the same meaning... I don't think that's a diss ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

[4] "But even so both of them are very skilled rappers that shouldn't be dissed by their talent"

[5] "Whether it's a diss or not, only they'll know themselves"

[6] "Seriously, it's not anything to fuss about!  It was just bad timing...."

[7] "They're all just false assumptions made by people..."

[8] "烏飛梨落...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That fits the situation exactly."

[9] "I was hoping for their two groups to become closer to each other..."

[10]  "Even if they were dissing each other, is it something to get this angry about?"

[11] "How did a misunderstanding like this arise....... both of them are talented rappers."

[12] "Aigoo... hasty assumptions..."

[13] "I wish people would just stop talking about it now."

[14] "How did they even interpret that as a diss?"

[15] "I don't think they were even talking about each other."



Okaybyee said...

Some fans actions are the reason why idols gets hate and misunderstood. They noticed every single thing.

Amanda Rachel said...

LOL People like to make speculation out of nowhere like what happen to Taehyun case by stupid journalists.

Mr. Kanji said...

Honestly, it's misunderstandings like this that creates fan wars...

princekyung said...

I'm actually laughing at the fact that they thought Rap Monster's tweet was a reply to Bobby?? Like stop making assumptions c'mon now

hikari17 said...

I don't think Bobby's the type to make disses. But then again I don't know him. Anyways once iKon debuts, I feel like their style is gonna match up with BTS's. Please no fanwars T-T

anne said...


수지짱 said...

At least fans are posting up these posts so to stop misunderstandings from arising over there... I didn't even know they were speculating that Bobby dissed someone lmao

gzbitch said...


hannaxxy said...

They call that a diss lmfao


Jinhwanderer said...

I didn't even think about BTS when I read Bobby's lyrics, also it doesn't sound like a diss? Surely it's just a coincidence. Fans, as always...

park sakura lopez said...

fans are reachin lmao chill

하핳 said...

Wow. Lmao Bobby literally uses simple words and they take it out of context like...


VIP_RockWithMe said...

That's a diss nowadays? Man, if this was a diss I'd be so disappointed in both of them coz the 'diss' is weak as hell

화남 said...

Ugh. it's so annoying. and their assumptions are going overboard. They even accused Bobby of dissing VIXX and Boyfriend in one of the Korean posts =_=

Claire Lyons said...

There are rumors that Bobby dissed VIXX?

화남 said...

Yep if you read one of the original posts linked in the top posts... they "speculate" that he dissed VIXX's clock dance with his lyrics in YGGR and then Boyfriend in his bounce song ㅡㅡ They're taking it too far imo

화남 said...

Yep if you read one of the original posts linked in the top posts... they "speculate" that he dissed VIXX's clock dance with his lyrics in YGGR and then Boyfriend in his bounce song ㅡㅡ They're taking it too far

anya said...

I'm fan of bangtan and ikon...and no worry about speculation like this.

Kaila said...

Lol my initial thoughts- I don't find it a Diss at all. & I was like damn son you go boy!!! at his Won Bin (Godbin) reference lol. But i wonder who is he referring to, "Dont acknowledge me as your junior, stop pretending we're close o.o"

& both Namjoon and Bobby are mad talented rappers!! Pretty sure they'll get compared (once iKON debuts) since they're kind of similar...Oh wait they won't. It's YG -,-

junbi said...

what is this lol i actually think bts and ikon have a high chance of becoming best friends lol

justtocommenttt said...

Lmao they actually thought namjoon was replying to it? *rolls eyes*

qwertyuiop said...

Wow seriously man y'all gotta be kidding me.

ygfangirl said...

LMAO this is so stupid - just by reading the lyrics, the last connection I would have made was THAT. And Bobby - kid wants to be friends with the whole world, I swear lol why would he go off mouthing to another idol rapper.

jisoup. said...

bobby's pretty close with iron and iron was a part of the original bts lineup with rapmon lmao. drawing connections but like. i don't think bobby would've dissed him. people are overreacting.

devilvp said...

The most amusing thing I've read all day
Bobby wasn't dissing, stop trying to connect every word to a particular person.
Lol Namjoon gets plenty of direct & indirect disses, he's not going to pay attention to these overblown fan speculations.
But seriously, people are hunting for reasons to drag Bobby now

zety shahirah said...

Coming back here after reading that article from nb soothes my heart. I can't believe inetz are hating on bobby now -_-

Hallie said...

He needs to take a lesson from now on, learn every single idols'/artists' names and songs...

bitchyoucrazy said...

ARMY trying to make BTS relevant by latching them IKON/YG/Bobby. Lord knows they cannot make it on their own with the way their releases have been dropping in quality since N.O.

Boyfriend and VIXX fans are also living in delusional city if they think Bobby cares enough about either group to actually waste time dissing them.

abdullah .san said...

LOL this pace is full of yg stan LOL

Fernanda_YGFamily said...

How is this even a diss? Please! Now of course NB and other sites are having a party with this. That site is a YG hater parade. I'm glad fans are being reasonable. They couldn't fault Bobby on his talent, so they fabricated "evidence". Haters gonna hate, he ain't going nowhere. Can't wait for iKon to debut. It's gonna be dopeeeeeee.

iza said...

Hi YG.. that bobby makes kpop fans shock .. its first time i read news about kpop like this... teach him sometimes ... before he's have 'ANTIFANS international' ok.. tqvm

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