[Instiz] iKON Junhoe's loveable features

1. Eye Smile
2. Dimple
3. Mouth shape

Source: Instiz

[1] "4. Charming Voice"

[2] "He gives off such different charms when he's smiling and when he's not."

[3] "He reminds me of Gong Yoo."

[4] "5. Killer music colour  6. Tall Height  7. Tsundere personality"

[5] "Goo Junhoe who's adorable but scary ㅋㅋ"

[6] "+ His fresh, chic personality"

[7] "YG seems to love those with pretty eye-smiles."

[8] "He's uniquely handsome ㅠㅠ He has nice light skin, he's tall, he sings well, and he dances well... of course you'd fall for him."

[9] "He's going to make girls fall for that eye-smile."

[10] "His personality tops it off.... perfect."



Okaybyee said...

BAE <3

namutehyon said...

I agree especially with the tsundere personality lmao

squalay said...

and the brondong (young guy) of the year goes to

엿먹어 said...

I didn't even know what that meant but after searching it up.. I've got to agree haha

Tobias Eaton said...

"His personality tops it off.... perfect."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA if you say so. i love this kid

gzbitch said...

[5] "Goo Junhoe who's adorable but scary ㅋㅋ"


Tru3star said...

Squeal!!!!!!!! MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear I look up to him, I want to be that sassy and confident when I grow up

genevieve said...

My bias in ikon.. :-D

feyyzr said...

Am i the only one who thinks he looks like song joong ki??

Guest said...

"Tsundere personality" lmfaooo so accurate

S_B_I said...


Adelia said...

yeah nobody nobody but me
sassy june

ygfangirl said...

oh how i love Mr.Sassy Junhoe LOL
(and no he did not really say that, but the sass is 100%)

Haha said...

Besides that, his passion and endurance in achieving his dreams in beyond me. He failed on two different survival shows but he still kept on improving and proved himself of his talents

Bored af said...

And for god's sake, He's the actually MAKNAE before Chanwoo joined

Hallie said...

"Tsundere" LOL

R.Thompson said...

I love his smile. I find it strong and I don't know why?

charendbsk said...

straight to the point, frontal <- junhoe <- i love this kid
charming voice, and those lips look so kissable lmao /i am sory guys/

Chunny said...

[4] "5. Killer music colour 6. Tall Height 7. Tsundere personality"


but he is famous with his chic character than his loveable
I cant imagine if he read comment about him being loveable kekkeke

Chunny said...

but he doesn't want to be acknowledge.. hahhaha he dont want the older to order...

Chunny said...

[5] "Goo Junhoe who's adorable but scary ㅋㅋ"

png said...

My love for him is unreal. His sassy yet secretly warm personality + looks + talents + tall height. Just how can you resist

png said...

that's gotta be the perfect word to describe june lol

park sakura lopez said...

4.) his jawline that could cut a puta


S_B_I said...


ygBIATCH said...

4. His voice
5. His sassy personality
6. His laugh lol
My fave is his laugh lmao

anona said...

mee too, i miss junee... T.T

yhanggie said...

sass on the outside, fragile on the inside

Adelia said...

his passion, sassy, even his fans account make me love this boy

cashew said...


namooosah . said...

How i see iKON:
BI's brother 1
BI's brother 2
BI's brother 3
BI's brother 4 ( one of the brothers is the main vocalist, i still cannot spot him btwn them)

six2k said...

lmao brondong HAHA

merp said...


Judyi said...

Even when he was going to have his pretend fight with DONGHYUK
He was like "we need to make it real. I'm just going to put out my real frustrations, all of them. I don't even care"
And everyone laughed but you could tell he was 100% serious.

I like Winner and iKON together.
Mino is extremely happy around Ikon
Taehyun and Jinhwan seem more close for some reason, even if their personalities are totally different.its the only time I see Taehyun be softer and kinder and smile more happily.
He cried SOOO much when he saw the video message of ikon. Awwww❤️
KSY, jinwoo, and Seunghoon just love everyone

I wish I had a set bias list tor ikon, but I cant.
Big Bang and 2ne1 are the same....I think I have a bias.....but I dont, I love them equally

C.M said...

"He reminds me of Gong Yoo."
^ TRUE and I love Gong yoo so much

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