[Instiz] Top mentioned K-pop artists on Twitter this 2014

In Korea 
1. EXO
2. B2ST
3. Infinite
4. Super Junior
6. Block B
8. Teen Top
9. B1A4
10. Big Bang

1. EXO
2. Super Junior
3. GOT7
5. B2ST
6. Infinite
7. 2NE1
8. Big Bang
10. 2PM

Source: Instiz

[1] "As expected of EXO... but SNSD, 2NE1, and KARA are amazing too as girl groups among that list"

[2] "And Big Bang didn't even promote as a whole..."

[3] "Super Junior's global fandom as expected"

[4] "Woah KARA's #1 as a female girl group for the domestic chart"

[5] "EXO's amazing as always..."

[6] "No one from DBSK has Twitter too... that's awesome"

[7] "2NE1's listed on here ㅠㅠ" 

[8] "Heol... Big Bang hasn't had a full comeback in 973 days... it makes me happy to see them listed on here"

[9] "I see GOT7's pretty popular overseas?  Let's succeed in Korea too!"

[10] "I knew 2NE1 would do well globally"



zeyzeyzey said...

global artists 2NE1 and BB.

princekyung said...

Happy that they made the list but how do they know this is a positive thing? People can be talked about but it doesn't guarantee that what people are saying are positive / negative right?

qwertyuiop said...

You do have a point omg. That makes me worried a little

_Π_ said...

Big bang nugu??i think i have heard that name somewhere.....lol

png said...

Maybe it's just me but if I don't like the artist I don't even bother making tweets about them lol. Waste of my time + give them more uneccessary attention

Aaa8897 said...


wellwell said...

[8] "Heol... Big Bang hasn't had a full comeback in 973 days... it makes me happy to see them listed on here"

This VIP is counting lol

Heelie said...

"You are a nobody unless you are talked about" it's something I learned from watching gossip girl! Hahahahahaha

annie said...

lol is big bang really about to hit 1000 days since their last comeback?

Riririr said...

I already mentioned this before, everyone in twitter is a Got7 fan. So i don't understand why s.koreans (probably living under a rock) said Got7 flop? Like how can they flop when all Infinite fans, Block B fans, Suju fans, EXO fans, Winner fans, just about all kpop fans out there are all Got7 fans at the same time?

YukiJames said...

Yay for 2ne1 comments :D

haiosh said...

LOL no not all the kpop fans are Got7 fans !! I'm not a fan of them and they aren't flop they are so popular but still their music isn't that great and successful that's why people see them unsuccessful to be honest a lot of their fans like them for their personalities not their music that's why a lot of people like them but they don't buy their music !

guest said...

Got7 released 3 album but non of their song charted well in korea. I think they are more popular for their personalities than music.

Nana said...

Bigbang theory kk

Bobby-KimJiWon said...


South Korea isn't Twitter community.


Nippy ✈️ said...



Judyi said...

I only like jackson, so by my books I'm not a Got7 fan.
I've only hear like 3 songs from them but none are were good enough for me to buy a digital album or digital song. People like them cuz they're funny but they need really good music for them to BOOM.

KunGD said...

Agree. Jackson's personality is just my type xD first time falling for other company's artist xD
But yes, im into Jackson but not much of Got7

YuliaGrace said...

[8] "Heol... Big Bang hasn't had a full comeback in 973 days... it makes me happy to see them listed on here"


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