Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Soo Hyun attend "International Market" movie premiere

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+400, -14]  Soohyun~~~~~~ ㅠㅠ

2. [+248, -24]  Heol Kim Yoo Jung~~~~ so adorable~~~~!!  How can she be so pretty when she smiles ㅎ I hope she doesn't change ^^

3. [+234, -12]  Soohyun's outfit looks fine. What are you talking about?

4. [+206, -20]  Kim Yoo Jung is really pretty!

5. [+170, -5]  What about her outfit?  It's pretty

Source: Instiz

[1] "Kim Yoo Jung's face is really small and Soo Hyun's visuals look good thanks to her height."

[2] "Woah, they're close?"

[3] "Soohyun's growing up~ how pretty."

[4] "Soohyun's got something on her teeth;  That honestly happens to me all the time."

[5] "Did they get closer after Inkigayo?"

[6] "Both of their eye-smiles are so pretty."

[7] "Woah Soohyun's skin is so light~"

[8] "Didn't know they knew each other"

[9] "Soohyun got a lot prettier."

[10] "Oh, they're same-aged friends??"

[11] "They looked pretty awkward on Inkigayo... I guess they've gotten closer? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Both of them are very pretty"

[12] "There's something on Soohyun's teeth ㅋㅋㅋㅋ So cute"

[13] "Soohyun's styling is becoming more mature lately."

[14] "Now I know why the other MCs adore Yoo Jung on Inkigayo... she looks so lovely ㅠㅠ Of course Soohyun does too."

[15] "What's wrong with Yoo Jung's clothes..."



gzbitch said...

Soohyun's so friendly.

Mr. Kanji said...

I haaate when lipstick or anything for that matter gets stuck on your teeth. I always tell whoever I'm with if that happens to them rather than have them go around the whole day like that ;;;;

Jinhwanderer said...

I was wondering why this article is on YG Press cause I misread Lee Soohyun as Kim Soohyun lol

엿먹어 said...

I've gotten used to the Suhyun romanization too after their unit. Seeing "Soo Hyun" is kind of unfamiliar to me now haha

kpoplove18 said...

they're so cute together....I hope Soo Hyun can set up a meeting for Yoo Jung and Bobby lol heres the vid for anyone interested

_Π_ said...

Two cutie pies ❤❤❤

Celine said...

so do they talk about Bobby on a daily basis or ? lol

park sakura lopez said...

<333 so cute...I hope they become really close friends

not-a-noona said...

Soohyun has an unnie feel tho idky but i can feel it here

VIP_RockWithMe said...

1999 LINE.... pls stop you're making me cry... 1999, by the time the 2000 line comes along im gonna lock myself up in a room and tell myself 'YOU ARE YOUNG, THESE PEOPLE ARE FETUSES'

Chunny said...

my brain connected >>>> "Bobby" <<< hahahhaha i dont know why but I was think they talk about him.
Glad to know that Soohyun like jinhwan more <3333

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