Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Park confirmed as lead couple for MBC's upcoming drama

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+1652, -106]  I don't know if Lee Sung Kyung's acting is any good but she's doing well lately...

2. [+1365, -94]  Are there no new actors?  Just look at Misaeng

3. [+1151, -111]  I'm anticipating Yoon Park.  He has good visuals and his acting is great too!!!!!

4. [+1003, -79]  But is Lee Sung Kyung any good at acting?

5. [+693, -38]  Lee Sung Kyung's from YG?

6. [+209, -11]  Setting aside Yoon Park, Lee Sung Kyung isn't a bad actress but she's not someone who should be getting a lead role this quick... is it because of YG's power...

7. [+182, -7]  Yoon Park's become successful.  He climbed up in status from a tofu store's son into a chaebol 
(TN: Yoon Park played the son of a tofu shop owner in 'What's With This Family')

8. [+174, -14]  I've got to admit Yoon Park's acting is great!  His acting potential was bursting last week

9. [+155, -11]  Guess there's not enough singers so now they're even letting models take away the spots for new rookie actors..... if one wants to be an actor, do they have to debut as an artist or a model or something?

10. [+156, -13]  I heard Yoon Park's a good actor ㅋㅋ  Everyone who watched that scene when he cried with his dad on last week's episode will know ㅋㅋ



NunmulBaboBB said...

When does the drama air?...Looking forward to see him act with someone other than Son danbi which I personally think cannot act for her life..No offense.

myoonsong said...

"YG Power" lol come on, YG is not an avatar.

kpoplove18 said...

LMAO. Apparently he is. If I were YG, I'd walk around with some kind crown - they make him out to be some kinda god

chyeah said...

Im sooo excited to see my queen!!! I hope she does well so no one hates on her. I trust in her abilities though. 💕 i seriously cant wait to see her on a drama again

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