[Pann] The most popular idol groups around lately?

"Who is it?  Lately there's a lot more kids who are fans of multiple groups unlike myself who's only a fan of one group.  It's been like that more frequently ever since Winner and iKON came out.  I'm not asking to start anything but I'm really just curious as to who's the most popular these days."
Post: 'Most popular idol groups around you' [+68, -1]
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1. [+234, -21]  B2ST, Infinite, EXO, Winner

2. [+193, -10]  I attend an all girl's middle school and there are a lot of people here who are fans of EXO, B2ST, Winner, and Infinite.  You always hear their songs during lunch time and during breaks everyone just talks about those four groups.

3. [+182, -11]  That's true but I'll exclude iKON for now since they haven't debuted yet.  I agree with EXO, B2ST, Winner and Infinite

4. [+53, -2]  I'd say it's EXO, B2ST, Winner, Block B, Infinite, Bobby, IU, and A Pink... IU has a lot of fangirls and in my class there's a lot more individual fans of Bobby rather than iKON as a whole ㅋㅋ

5. [+53, -3]  Those who spend a lot of money on idols... it's B2ST, Infinite, Shinee, VIXX... and those who don't are EXO, iKON, and Block B.  That's how it is around me. I attend an all girls high school

6. [+51, -49]  I don't really know anyone who likes Infinite ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+49, -15]  EXO, Winner, Block B, and B2ST

8. [+48, -16]  There's still a lot of EXO fans here but not as much as before and a lot more people are becoming fans of Winner and iKON

9. [+44, -6]  Lately, you hear people talking about Winner and iKON a lot!!!  This is my personal point of view, from what I've seen the most popular are Infinite, B2ST, VIXX, and EXO... something like that... 

10. [+43, -11]  In my class, it's Infinite, EXO, iKON and Winner

11. [+39, -1]  My class is divided and there's a lot of people who like EXO, Shinee, Infinite, VIXX, and Big Bang.  A lot of people are also interested in Winner and iKON... and SNSD has a lot of fangirls too

12. [+36, -8]  Whenever we request songs, it's mostly Infinite, Block B, and Winner... during EXO's "Growl" days their songs were on repeat always but lately we don't really talk about them

13. [+36, -17]  EXO, Infinite, Winner, and A Pink

14. [+35, -5]  Winner, EXO and B2ST... I'm a female high school student and it's exactly like this for me.



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