[Instiz] Han Ye Seul's changed fashion style and makeup after dating Teddy?

After dating Teddy:

Before dating Teddy:

Source: Instiz

[1] "I personally prefer her style before but she's pretty either way."

[2] "I think they really match well together.."

[3] "Totally changed from an innocent look to a sexy look~ I like both styles."

[4] "Well the point is she's pretty either way."

[5] "I like her but her image is getting worse after the recent issues and interviews she's done..."

[6] "Her face hasn't changed at all"

[7] "I like her better with less make up"

[8] "I'm really curious as to how charming Teddy is that Han Ye Seul can't seem to contain her feelings for him?"

[9] "I like her style better now though"

[10] "Her fashion is a lot more stylish now but her past makeup style shows off her beauty better.  She looks better with minimal make-up."

[11] "I honestly like this couple a lot... they're both so lucky to have each other."

[12] "Wonder what it feels like to have a face like that?"



guest said...

I like her clothes better now but her makeup was better before..

justjuliet said...

Does her tattoo say "°all we have is us" ?? Wow i do think her constant mentioning of teddy is actually because she cant stop talking about him lol.. at least it's an ambiguos tattoo without their names on it. Shes quite cute tbh..

weenxxx said...

she is the type of girl that was fun to be friend with but get easily being misunderstood. its either you like or hate her.

macy_12 said...

lol that Teddy/YG impact.

C.M said...

I personally think she is a fun person

Her smile is contagious too ^^ and seems real

Aaa8897 said...


Riririr said...

her clothes now didn't match her age. It was supposed to be wore by girls in early 20 (21 years old)

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