[Instiz] Kim Jisoo's graduation photo receives praise for unchanged beauty

"Classmates she graduated with say not much changed except that she lost some weight."

Present Kim Jisoo

Source: Instiz

[1] "She is really pretty..."

[2] "She has really thick hair!  Totally pretty"

[3] "Jisoo seems to have only lost weight. Nothing seems to have changed."

[4] "I was so jealous of her in the music video"

[5] "Jisoo, when are you going to debut?"

[6] "I don't think she's gotten any plastic surgery.  She's just really pretty"

[7] "She's a natural beauty"

[8] "Pretty, she's the style that I like"

[9] "She has a lot of charms so she looks very pretty to me"

[10] "Yewon + Ha Yeonsu + Luna"

[11] "Like a mix of Tang Wei + Sandara"

[12] "She doesn't seem like she'd be in YG ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Another list added to the top visuals YG picks"

[13] "She's bursting with a pure and cute aura"

[14] "Yeah, it really seems like all she's done was lose a lot of weight"

[15] "I heard she's the oldest in their new girl group?  Just hurry up and debut ㅠㅠ"

[16] "Wish I could be that pretty without getting cosmetic surgery..."

[17] "Pretty even when she was young."



Haha said...

Aw her bowl haircut. Anyways, i'm trusting that there's a reason that YG's delaying the debut. There always has been a good reason and they only want to give us the best outcome. I just hope she's not a "useless" visual and has talents to back up.

park sakura lopez said...

she looks cute

Guest said...

She really does need to debut soon or else she'll end up like Dara at debut, too old for them ahjusshi fans that can make her the next it girl even though they have the looks.

uollss said...

jisoo is so prettyㅠㅠi can't wait for yg new gg debut..i want jennie kim and her iljin squad dominating the kpop world like their seniors

moomin said...

Already in a cf with lee minho before debuting lol so pretty :') she'll be the next it girl!! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B7FvT8XCAAAM5Tv.png

Nova_REMIX said...

She sends to be treading a Sandara Park role already.

moomin said...

idk if thats good or bad lol bc dara had potential but yg just totally tossed her away ._.

NaiRaGon said...

[11] "Like a mix of Tang Wei + Sandara"

[12] "She doesn't seem like she'd be in YG ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Another list added to the top visuals YG picks"

awwww. <3

Amanda Rachel said...

YG better play the right card for Kim Ji Soo this time. Learn from how they treat Dara. Pity Dara. Her dreams of acting being buried by YG for so many years after debut.

Amanda Rachel said...

YG better hurry debut his new girl group Y_Y We've waited for so long Y_Y Even future 2NE1 are growing now. I wonder what concept this new girl group will debut with & what kind of music will they bring to us.

weenxxx said...

how old is she now ?

Nova_REMIX said...

It's neither good nor bad. But YGE seems to be learning from his mistakes... kinda. With the rookies.

sol. said...

She's pretty, but I don't see (now) any Top visual in her
maybe it's just me..oh well
Just debut already geezzzzzzzzzz

truth tea said...


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