[Instiz] Unseen new male YG trainee Kim Joon Kyu

Kim Joon Kyu
September 9th, 2000
Joined YG in April last year after a private audition

Work Experience (2006-2008) [Source]
  • ESOP Kids Children's Wear
  • R.Robot Children's Wear 
  • Samsung Raemian Apartment CF
  • LS Sanjun Ad
  • Playcorn TV CF - Main
  • GM Daewoo TV CF - Sub
  • Childbirth grant campaign newspaper ad
  • Woongjin ThinkBig Co., (x3)
  • Little Story Model
  • Kumsung Publishers 3rd-4th year textbook filming
  • TVN Rollercoaster: Episode 36 as Jung Gaeun's little brother 
  • KBS Science Cafe
  • Weidong Shipping Chinese TV CF
  • Roygen Suit TV CF with Kim Sung Soo
  • KoBus TV CF
  • KBS 1TV Science Documentary Filming
  • Hansol Home-school print paper ad with Park Ji Yoon announcer
  • Lotte Conf Mongswell Food TV CF

Source: Instiz

[1] "Woah..... what am I doing with my life.... and he was born in 2000...."

[2] "Aigoo... I wonder when this one will debut."

[3] "Another one added to the list of beauties in YG."

[4] "He's really handsome."

[5] "He's done a lot ever since he was young.  It seems like he has a clean past... definitely a pass in my book.  Hurry up and debut~"

[6] "I pray that you won't be put in a survival"

[7] "So he's a CF child actor and a model... I knew I've seen his face often"

[8] "Can't believe there are idols who are younger than me now"

[9] "Wow... born in 2000.... oh but I can't believe he's the kid who was on G.Story's MV"

[10] "Wonder if he's going to come out with Hongseok and Jinhyung?"

[11] "I've finally reached the age where I can scream, "Oppa! Why are you younger then me?!"'

[12] "I've always thought idols would always be an oppa to me. Now, there are trainees younger and of the same age as I am.  Seeing this makes me feel ashamed since I haven't done anything with my life yet... I truly envy those who have clearly determined and decided on a career path so early in their lives."

[13] "I want to hear him call me noona."

[14] "Oh he went to Def Dance school like Donghyuk too."

[15] "Wonder if him and Yedam are going to be in a group together."

[16] "Woah... he's cute. So tell me, when is he going to debut?"

[17] "YG seems to be looking at visuals these days too..."

[18] "He looks like the type SM would pick... he looks a bit like someone on the SM Rookies team too."

[19] "I bet he'll be really handsome when he's older."



하핳 said...

Oh my god he's so young ;____; but I can already tell he's going to be really handsome when he grows up... and dang, look at all he's done already :C

giraffe said...

"I truly envy those who have clearly determined and decided on a career path so early in their lives." honestly

Apple said...

Maybe he'll debut with Bang Yedam xD

ygBIATCH said...

Yedam-i & Joon Kyu, you are going to ruin this noona even before debuting! Why is he so cute? *w*
Wish he'll debut before I turn 65 lol

Popop said...

[13] "I want to hear him call me noona."

haruharuharu said...

[10] "Wonder if he's going to come out with Hongseok and Jinhyung?"

LOL please no

Bomb said...

Oom 12yrs apart with me,noona is same age with GDYB,time flies very fast ,sooner later , the next YG idols will be at the age of my son .Sigh!

guest said...

What's wrong with kpop? Is this really a time for them to be a trainee? Let kids go to school and enjoy their childhood.

merp said...

Crying because he's still an oppa to me ;n;

Kaila said...

No. Please don't debut with JinSeok. I want them to be in a duo. Ooh YG release a new duo group plz. He can be in a group with our cute Yedam

guest said...

3rd GD in making?

Haha said...

Jin & hong in a duo, him with bang yedam.

withwink_ said...

Omg how old are you?

Mr. Kanji said...

If this is what this kids loves to do, then I'm sure he is happy where he is now. By the looks of it he's had a lot of experience in the entertainment business already, if he hated it so much I'm sure he wouldn't purposely stay to practice, attend a dance school, and even audition to get into YG...~ Plus Im sure they let him attend school/tutor them dont they? To him it probably doesnt feel like work if he loves this career...

withwink_ said...

Guest, I think it's the kids's choice. They are the one who go to audition...

Mr. Kanji said...

This kid is younger than my little brother... I feel so old right now

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

it's a bit ridiculous but we have Bom and Minzy 10 years age gap lol.

Hipployta said...

Another one for Yedam's group

pamela said...

[11] "I've finally reached the age where I can scream, "Oppa! Why are you younger then me?!"'


wellwell said...

Friends, hit me in the head if i start fangirling oh let me correct that, fanjuhmmaing over this kid. Hit me ready hard

hyunjungsh said...

but it's easier for female idols because they don't have to go to the army... if hongseok is going to debut with him in say 5 years then he'll be 26 by then, he'll only have 3 years :/

hikari17 said...

Omg we've hit the 2000's.

Tru3star said...

WTF is this clean past thing? lol. they always bring it up in YG related articles

Hallie said...

Meanwhile, eating and sleeping are my destination ROFL

badumtss said...

2000s ? I'll stop here. I'll stop hurting my self

Saerhin said...

It hurts.. I dont want to be a Noona.

Yu Moo said...

wow wow, Can't believe it.. Born on 2000? Kim joon-Gyu , Why are you younger than me

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