[Instiz] What kind of houses do the families of 'Superman is Back' live in?

Note: Pyeong (평) is a unit of measurement used in Korea.
[1 pyeong = 3.3 square meters = 35 square feet]

Studio Apartment: 5~15 pyeong
One-bedroom unit: 10~18 pyeong
Two-bedroom apartments: 16~25 pyeong
Three-bedroom places: 27+ pyeong
Apartments (2-4 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, usually designed for families): 50+ pyeong 

Chu Sunghoon and Sarang
Shibaura Air Tower High-Rise Apartment

Tablo and Haru
Hangang, Mapo-gu: 60 pyeong

Lee Hwi Jae
Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, SK Apartments: 120 pyeong

Song Il Gook and the triplets
Incheon Songdo Central Park: 72 pyeong

Source: Instiz

[1] "Only a small portion of their houses come out on TV ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

[2] "I didn't know the triplet's house was that big"

[3] "They're all so wealthy"

[4] "It must be difficult to clean their houses... they probably hire people to do that for them, right?"

[5] "I knew their houses were pretty large but I didn't know it was to this extent"

[6] "Why are there so many bedrooms woah"

[7] "Wow... just how many rooms do they have..."

[8] "Tablo's house has four bedrooms??  Then iKON's extra room in the dorm must have been for their manager?"

[9] "Right under Haru's house is iKON's dorm, right?  They really are celebrities."

[10] "The world they live in is so different..."

[11] "Their houses did look expensive even when you see parts of it on TV... I hope the triplets grow up well in that nice house."

[12] "Wow, their houses are all above 60 pyeong...  Who am I kidding, 60 pyeong?  I'd be happy to at least get a place that's 30 pyeong once I move out."

[13] "I didn't know apartments could go up to 120 pyeong..."

[14] "I want to live in a house like that too."

[15] "Daebak... they really don't show everything on TV..."



nadia said...

I knew it ! , I always suspicious towards triplet house 😏😏

hikari17 said...

And here I thought the triplet's house was half of that blueprint. Damn, I'm naive.

hyunjungsh said...

I always wonder why their houses are so small, they're freaking celebrities! So it all doesn't come out on TV... Lee Hwi Jae's apartment though, it's twice Tablo's apartment in size O.O

princekyung said...

And I heard Hwi Jae also has another house/apartment which is also pretty big

thundersupreme12 said...

I've always thought that there had to be lots of rooms that they don't film.

Jenizz | pinkcrown said...

Well.... tablos is reasonable though... when i lived with my parents, they still live there, 120 square metres....

If we had the money... 180 would be nice too haha xD

loosely calculated... so i might be wrong... haha but 60 pyong x 3 = 180 square metres... right? ;)

Whatever said...

Their sizes makes sense, considering how the kids will eventually have their own room when they grow up, especially Lee Hwi jae's and Song Il Kook's house.

Bobby-KimJiWon said...

Remember when Hwijae takes his twin to his parents's house. The house is so beautiful just from the lamp alone I can tell they are rich and expensive

park sakura lopez said...

I've always been curios about their condos tbh...I know that it really is only a small portion of their house that comes out on TV but Hwijae's condo is really huge like I never knew it was THAT huge cuz you can only see so much of their condo when they're filming the twins. I actually thought Il Gook had a bigger one that Hwijae's but was I wrong. I like Il Gook's condo better tho, it looks really nice.

Regina_George said...

Yes! They have marble walls!!!!

anne said...

[8] "Tablo's house has four bedrooms?? Then iKON's extra room in the dorm must have been for their manager?"

let's not forget that iKON has 7 members

sungjoon4eva said...

looks like the triplets will all have a room for themselves :')

toritsula said...

The largest room has 3 members in it so I'm pretty sure the manager has his own room.

dibidibidis said...

also likely that they have more that one managers too

Judyi said...

I don't think it's for a manager, it might be but they usually have a room for their clothes.
2ne1 has 2 apartments each have two rooms one is for clothes, each girl has their own room

Samma Babazi said...

why do they need so much room

San said...

Well then... Hwi Jae's crib... In gangnam-gu. Niiice >_<

hallyuaddict said...

i've known that from the start. to be fair though, well we have to understand, these celebrities are entitled to their own private lives and the fact they're willing to share at least half or a portion of their private space is already a risky move. (not to mention the risk involved when you share to the world you're style of parenting). if i were the celebrity, i'd do the same. I think, them living in upscale condo units, is a given. I would be more impressed if they live in a very high-end community where they have their own house and lot.

zzz said...

The twins' house shown here is actually their grandparents house. If you look closely at the layout, it is different than the house where they shot the show.

zzz said...

Tablo's house layout also different here. It doesn't really match the layout shown on the show. The entrance is different.

Valerie Julia said...

I already suspicious about the triplets' house. There is no TV and toys. It's so plain. So, that house is their grandparents' house... Wow, Hwijae's and Ilkook's houses look very complicated and luxurious... T^T I prefer Tablo's house because I don't like many rooms in my house, it looks so simple and wide! :D

Jija Lara said...

If you watch the return of superman the time that il kook came to japan shiho said that the triplet mother tell her that they dont provide toys for the triplet,,they want triplet use their physical like cycling,,

rebel said...

damn i knew they never showed the whole thing but damn thats huge especially lee hwi jae's

clumsy said...

My apartment is propably 1/8 of their apartment XD

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